Recreate the magic of LPM’s signature dish at home

Recreate the magic of LPM’s signature dish at home

Impress your friends and family with a taste of homemade haute cuisine
12 April 23

Ready to rustle up a fantastic French dish?

With locations worldwide, including cities like London, Miami, Hong Kong and of course, Riyadh, Le Petit Maison is known for serving up authentic and delicious dishes with an incomparable French flair.

Reminiscent of the rustic charm and refined sophistication that define French cuisine, Le Petite Maison’s (LPM) signature dish Crevettes Tièdes à l'Huile d'Olive is elegant yet simple.  

Although it is difficult to deny the incredible talent of the chefs at LPM, this dish is perfect for home cooks to attempt as it involves very little preparation and isn’t difficult to execute.  


  • 4 [per serving] Blanched Vannamei shrimps (from Saudi) 
  • Meyer lemon juice (California Meyer lemons are a sweeter and more flavourful variety)  
  • Anfosso extra virgin olive oil (from the small town of Chiusavecchia in Liguria, Italy – a product imported only for LPM) 
  • Sel de Guérande (coarse premium sea salt from Brittany) 
  • Basil chiffonnade (thin slices), one per shrimp to guarantee the full experience with every bite 
  • Black pepper 


Blanch the shrimps, and slice in half down the centre. Pass the under the grill to warm. Then add the warm shrimp to the lemon juice, olive oil, basil mix. Top with salt and black pepper. Et voila!  

To ensure freshness and that perfect tasting experience, each plate must be done à la minute. 

Crevettes Tièdes à l'Huile d'Olive is a dish created by Chef Raphael Duntoye, a former chef patron at LPM.