CLAP: Japanese Cuisine with a Saudi Kick

CLAP: Japanese Cuisine with a Saudi Kick

CLAP’s latest fine-dining location in the heart of Riyadh brings you sensory Japanese cuisine with a touch of local flair. Here, we meet the chef - Renald Epie
13 April 23
CLAP Riyadh Head Chef Renald Epie

Fine-dining Japanese restaurant CLAP has officially arrived in the newly launched Ramla Terraza District; a sleek new location in the kingdom's capital.

The restaurant, which opened in 2018 in Beirut’s Martyr’s Square, has since expanded to Dubai and now Riyadh – our new rapidly expanding Middle Eastern metropolis.

CLAP: Main dining room

While its new spot maintains its signature design identity, featuring a playful and colourful upscale dining and bar area with an impressive rooftop, this is the first time it’s stationed at the foot of a luxury hotel, the Fairmont Ramla.

CLAP’s group executive chef, Renald Epie, explains how the restaurant’s unique concept blends the worlds of food and music through contemporary Japanese cuisine. The menu, while maintaining CLAP’s signature fare, offers meals that cater specifically to local preferences, so features more “cooked dishes” and a “larger tempura section based on market demand.”

“Saudi Arabia's reputation as one of the world's leading chicken producers only reinforces the importance of some of our recipes that complement the distinctive identity of CLAP,” explains Epie.

“Pistachio-crusted baby chicken is a favourite in Riyadh.” Although still a newcomer to the Saudi capital, Epie says he loves checking out the local markets and intends to explore more, particularly to support the restaurant’s desire to be as sustainable as possible, as well as support small, local businesses. In terms of his own travel plans, Epie says Japan naturally tops the list, followed by exploring his home country, France.

CLAP: Pistacchio Encrusted Chicken

“I love Asian dishes, so I would also add Thailand and Vietnam,” he explains. Chef Epie also explains how CLAP is “derived from a diverse range of nationalities” and that’s perhaps the key to its success. While it focuses on serving exquisite Japanese cuisine, its soul is cosmopolitan, one that easily works with cities like Beirut, Dubai and now Riyadh.
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