Jeddah's culinary scene is heating up with new additions

Jeddah's culinary scene is heating up with new additions

Adding to the diversity of Jeddah's foodie scene will be a much-loved fusion dining concept, a rooftop restaurant, a picture perfect cafe and more
18 July 23
New Additions to Jeddah's Foodie Scene

Jeddah's culinary landscape is about to get even more diverse and exciting with the arrival of several enticing dining concepts.

For anyone living in Jeddah, or planning to visit the city soon, choice is aplenty when it comes to restaurants and cafes.

This summer season has bared fruit for Jeddah's foodie fans, as earlier this summer four restaurants opened at Jeddah Yacht Club: Le Comptoir de Nicole, Emmy's Square Pizza, Mashi No Mashi and Le Vesuvio.

Following a successful opening in Riyadh over two years ago, the award-winning Japanese robatayaki restaurant, ROKA, opened at Cascade at Jeddah Walk.

But, if you're looking at adding new and soon to be announced locations to your list of restaurants and cafes to try in the city, this could be the inside scoop you've been looking for.

EL&N Cafe

Location: Atelier La Vie, King Abdulaziz Road

Brace yourself for an all pink, cafe experience as the renowned EL&N Cafe adds another branch to the Saudi roster, setting up shop at the buzzy Atelier La Vie mall. Offering a delightful fusion of picture perfect interiors with coffee flavours beyond your wildest dreams, and an array of delicious dishes to sample - this will be an experience for all the senses.

This London-born gem is renowned for its Instagram-worthy aesthetics and delectable menu that blends classic dishes with innovative twists. Pink Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate? Fried Chicken with Pink Waffles? Lotus Biscuit French Toast? The mouthwatering menu is endless.

Whether you're seeking a cosy spot for a catch-up with friends or an eye-catching backdrop for Insta-worthy photos, EL&N Cafe promises to be a haven of taste and style in the heart of Jeddah.

Siddarta Lounge

Location: TBA

Debuting in Jeddah, is a darker, more sultry, grown up addition to the lineup, the super stylish Siddarta Lounge. The chic and cool baby sister of the iconic Buddha Bar, this new restaurant bar is promising us an unforgettable rooftop dining experience that will transport you to new heights of culinary pleasure.

Although the location thus far remains a closely kept secret, it has been confirmed that the new hot-spot will take up prime rooftop residence on a Marriott Hotel in the city.

This trendy late-night spot has already become a favourite location in Dubai, it is expected that this new location will offer Jeddah residents dazzling views with a sophisticated ambiance and a fusion of Asian flavours.

More to come on this new opening.

Meat the Fish

Location: TBA

Meanwhile, Meat the Fish, a MediterAsian fusions restaurant renowned for its exceptional cuts of meat and delectable seafood offerings, is all set to become a go-to family-friendly dining destination in Jeddah.

With its inviting and relaxed atmosphere, this restaurant combines the best of both worlds, offering an extensive menu that caters to all taste preferences.

Meat lovers can indulge in succulent steaks and grilled specialties specially imported from around the world, while seafood enthusiasts can savour the freshest catches of the day prepared to perfection: Australian beef, French lamb, Dutch veal, French chicken and Japanese oysters.

With a focus on quality, flavour, Meat the Fish guarantees a memorable dining experience that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.


Location: King Abdulaziz Road

And that's not all!

Get ready for an authentic taste of Japan as the highly anticipated Tokyo sushi restaurant opens its doors on September 1.

Situated on the vibrant King Abdulaziz Road in the Al Mohammadiyah district, Tokyo promises to deliver the freshest and most flavorful ingredients, allowing you to savor sophisticated dishes that truly embody the essence of Japanese cuisine. From traditional nigiri and sashimi to inventive maki rolls and delectable tempura, Tokyo showcases the culinary artistry and precision that Japanese cuisine is renowned for.

With its elegant and contemporary ambiance, attentive service, and dedication to culinary excellence, Tokyo invites you to embark on an extraordinary gastronomic journey through the heart of Japan without leaving Jeddah.