Hidden Gem: Experience true canteen culture at Maqsaf

Hidden Gem: Experience true canteen culture at Maqsaf

If you’re up for a journey to simpler times, this eatery in Riyadh is a ticket to 80s and 90s nostalgia
20 July 23
Hidden Gem Maqsaf Canteen Riyadh

In today's Riyadh, a melting pot of international cuisines, it is easy to find an abundance of choices to suit every palate. And Maqsaf stands out as an exceptional one that caters to a longing for a bygone era. A time that is characterised by simpler lives, more manageable challenges, and a limited array of options, before mobile phones, social media networks, and AI took over.

Stepping into Maqsaf is like boarding a time machine with a one-way ticket to the past.

The restaurant's minimalist décor, featuring only two colours – white and blue – alongside the original setup of chairs and tables with a cohesive design, evokes a sense of nostalgia. Back in those days, interior design didn’t have the clout it does today, and the appetite-stimulating power of the colour red hadn’t been discovered yet.

However, if you're someone who craves marbled wagyu beef, adores American Angus, or has developed an addiction to sushi, allow me to suggest a brief deviation from your routine. Take a sentimental trip back to your childhood or teenage years by indulging in the Super Falafel sandwich, served in freshly baked bread that’s come straight from the oven to your table.

Alternatively, you can revive memories with a scrambled egg sandwich, or pep up your eggs with a contemporary flavour by trying them with truffle.

If you happen to visit Maqsaf in the afternoon or evening, you might want to opt for a beef or chicken burger, crafted with authentic ingredients and recipes. Here, you won't find yourself having to make the difficult sauce, grilling technique, or topping choices offered by modern-day burger joints. What’s more, the menu offers a variety of delicious options, including the piping hot, mouthwatering manakeesh.

The ambiance at Maqsaf is nothing short of impressive. Interestingly, since its inception, the restaurant's staff have only played music by iconic Egyptian star Souad Hosni, who gained fame between the 70s and 80s.

 "The nature of her songs and music perfectly complements Maqsaf’s atmosphere. She remains our favourite singer and the everlasting symbol of this establishment," a staff member revealed.

Located in Riyadh's Al Muhammadiyah district, Maqsaf opens its doors bright and early at 4am and continues to serve patrons until 1am the following day. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the bustling activity during the early morning hours, confirming Maqsaf is undeniably a place that warrants a visit.

Al Mohammadiyyah, Riyadh 12364