Hittin After Dark: Best places to grab great eats

Hittin After Dark: Best places to grab great eats

Where to eat when night descends on Riyadh's buzzing neighbourhood
03 August 23
Best Places to Eat in Riyadh's Hittin Neighbourhood

Among the buzziest district in the Saudi capital, Hittin emerges as a neighbourhood that truly comes alive at sunset.

Teeming with top-notch eateries and cafés, distinct experiences and activities, and nocturnal vistas, it’s no wonder its popularity is on the rise. There’s never a dull moment in Hittin, shaped by busy thoroughfares and charming side streets.

With so much to offer, we’ve put together a (not-so) short list of reasons why you should be hitting its streets at dusk.

First up, let's talk about where to find great eats in Hittin, each spot on this list promises great food and good vibes.

Where to Eat


One of the capital’s most popular culinary destinations, AVAK is all about Mediterranean flavours and Arabian tastes. Its menu is brimming with popular Levantine dishes (from mezze to kibbeh bi laban) and modern Mediterranean plates (the spinach truffle tortellini and cardamom tiramisu are must-tries).



This Hittin eatery serves a wide range of dishes with a twist – from sliders and buffalo chicken wings, to a delectable Osaka aubergine plate, wagyu steak, and lobster served with a special cream sauce. It’s the ideal spot when you're craving a bit of variety.


Cerchio Pizzeria

A great dinner choice, Cerchio is an authentic Italian pizzeria serving up other dishes as well. The menu options are all tempting, so you may start out wanting a slice of the burrata pizza, and end up twirling your fork into bowls of freshly-made linguine and fettuccine.


Cipriani Riyadh

Cirpriani is one of the posher spots in Hittin. This always-packed world-famous restaurant pays homage to traditional Italian dishes served in a tastefully designed space. Cirpriani’s menu does not disappoint, offering classics from gnocchi to delicately-cooked sea bream, as well as beloved Italian desserts.


Cosmo Café

If you’re looking for all the sweetness imaginable, this café is your spot. Serving everything from classic churros to Nutella- doused, hooped options, Cosmo has that nostalgic kid-in-a-candy-store vibe, matched with stellar presentation. You can enjoy happiness on a plate until the early hours of morning, as it stays open until 2.30am.


Entrecôte Café de Paris

With floor-to-ceiling windows, the sunset views at this fine-dining restaurant can almost make you forget the meal in front of you. When it comes to steak, any of Entrecôte’s choices are excellent, served with the original Café de Paris butter sauce, flown in from Geneva. Bon appétit!


Lena Lu

If you’re out on the town and happen to have a late-night sweet craving, this Lumiere Mall spot should be on your itinerary. Originally an Australian outpost, Lena Lu specialises in the classic Sicilian bomboloni made using the finest ingredients – perfectly bridging the gap between doughnut and brioche.



With few places in Riyadh offering Latin American-inspired dishes served in an exceptional setting, MNKY HSE delivers on all fronts. This London-based eatery is defined by its edgy yet sophisticated décor – you can’t miss the giant gorilla at the entrance and monkey figurines on the tables.



If you’re looking for a top pick when it comes to juicy burgers in Hittin, Section-B is a homegrown eatery that has expanded its way out of Jeddah. Its selection of burgers is brilliant. We’re talking Angus beef, crispy fried chicken, vegan patties, and other delicious options.