Have you tried London's Banksy inspired dessert?

Have you tried London's Banksy inspired dessert?

Indulge in a culinary masterpiece at Kerridge's Bar and Grill in Central London
03 August 23
Banksy Inspired Girl With The Balloon Dessert

Located in the heart of London Central, within the esteemed Corinthia Hotel, Kerridge's Bar and Grill exudes a charming blend of laid-back atmosphere and refined bistro-style elegance.

As the name might suggest, the restaurant is under the management of Chef and TV personality Tom Kerridge, this restaurant promises a dining experience like no other.

In early 2023, Kerridge's Head Chef Nick Beardshaw embarked on an exhilarating culinary journey, participating in the much-loved television show, The Great British Menu. This annual programme brings together top-rated British chefs, each determined to showcase their culinary prowess in a thrilling cooking competition.

Throughout the show, they face off against one another while being meticulously assessed by a panel of renowned judges. The ultimate prize at stake is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to craft a single course for a sumptuous four-course banquet, as well as the coveted title of The Great British Menu winner.

The theme for The Great British Menu in 2023 centred around drawing inspiration from and celebrating the best of British animation and illustration; magazines, cartoons and artworks. Spanning over seven weeks, chefs hailing from seven different regions of the United Kingdom competed, to secure their spot in the grand finale.

With creativity, skill, and a touch of culinary magic, these chefs demonstrated the essence of British cuisine, showcasing the nation's rich cultural heritage through the artistry of gastronomy.

And now the menu created by Head Chef Nick Beardshaw for The Great British Menu 2023 is available for all to indulge in at Kerridge's Bar and Grill as a private dining experience.

The menu consists of six courses with a number of interesting dishes, including stand out plates such as the Savoury Crocodile and the pièce de résistance, The Balloon Girl dessert.

This is a menu where contemporary art and culinary art collide.

The Savoury Crocodile is inspired by British author, Roahl Dahl and is Chef Beardshaw's unique take on a classic wellington. This is a venison wellington, served with charred hispi cabbage, artichoke and gherkin gravy - all wrapped up in the classic, crispy pastry shell with a twist. The twist is

However, it is the dessert that is going truly viral on social media - and apparently tastes just as good as it looks.

As the name might suggest, 'The Balloon Girl' dessert is styled off the iconic art piece by secretive spray paint artist, Banksy.

The dessert is an homage to the artist's 'Girl with Balloon' that began to shred itself in a 2018 auction. The art piece depicts the shaded outline of a small child reaching upwards towards a heart shaped red balloon.

Styled similarly to the original art piece, Chef Beardshaw's unique and limited edition dessert, 'The Balloon Girl' is served in a golden frame, and the outline of a girl is shaded onto a delicate sheet of edible rice paper, complete with a shredded bottom edge.

The red, heart shaped balloon is actually a raspberry and rose mascarpone, whilst the stencilled outlined of the child is a thinly spread, even layer of raspberry chocolate torte and the balloon's string is a lace of blackcurrant 'pate de fruit'.

It is unclear whether Banksy, the elusive and enigmatic street artist gave consent for this dessert to closely resemble his original art piece.

Known for his stencil street art style, the anonymous graffiti artist is known around the world for his anti-authoritarian art pieces, often shared and created in public areas. Creating street art with meaning and purpose, Banksy's pieces are considered to be so valuable that the walls or building upon which the art work exists are protected with plastic coverings, or sometimes removed entirely to ensure the art work isn't stolen or damaged.

Visit Banksy's official website here.

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