Taste the Caribbean with this adventurous recipe from Tamoka

Taste the Caribbean with this adventurous recipe from Tamoka

Elevate your palate by recreating the newest gastronomic adventure by Tamoka Dubai
16 August 23
Tamoka Dubai Recipe: Lomo Saltado

If there’s an establishment that knows how to take you on a culinary journey, it’s Tamoka Dubai.

An epicurean delight, this restaurant’s creations are inspired by flavours of the Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Tamoka is known for its traditional meat dishes, ceviche, and seafood, as well as its seaside location.

However, its latest masterpiece, the bold-yet-delicate Lomo Saltado, created by Chef Cesar Bartolini, is the reason we found ourselves in the kitchen – and why you will, too.

Lomo Saltado


180g tenderloin
1l veal stock
600g red onion, sliced
300g spring onion, bias-cut
600g local tomato, halved
50g garlic
200ml soy sauce
100ml red vinegar

20g black pepper, ground
10g cumin seeds
60g sweet corn, charred
50g corn-starch
50ml water
20g jalapeño, sliced
10g fresh coriander


Begin by sautéing the garlic and some of the onion slices until they develop a bit of colour.

Next, add the local tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and spring onions, and cook until softened. Sprinkle a pinch of black pepper and the cumin seeds, then add the red vinegar to balance the acidity, allowing it to evaporate.

Next, pour in the veal stock and let the sauce reduce. Add soy sauce and taste for seasoning. If you need to adjust the flavour, add a bit of brown sugar for a hint of sweetness. Once the sauce is done, strain it and discard any excess fat.

To achieve the desired consistency, continue cooking the strained sauce on a low heat while gradually incorporating the corn starch slurry (made by mixing the corn starch with water).

Next, cut the tenderloin into half-moon shapes and sear in a pan. Then char the remaining halved tomatoes and onion.

To serve, pour the sauce onto the plate, layer the seared tenderloin, charred tomatoes, onion, and charred sweet corn, and garnish the dish with jalapeño slices and fresh coriander.

Buen provecho!