Are these the best Mexican restaurants in Riyadh?

Are these the best Mexican restaurants in Riyadh?

We sure think so - here is our list of the top, indulgent Mexican dining experiences in the capital
23 August 23
Great Mexican Restaurants Riyadh

Mexican cuisine is loved for its distinctive, fresh flavours.

Dishes are often colourful and unique, and known to have some incredibly unique and delicious eats.

These restaurants are the perfect places to indulge in the authentic flavours of Mexican cuisine, without having to hop on a long-haul flight. Dive into your favourite dishes or discover something new, each of these restaurants offer their own twist on traditional dishes such as tacos, fajitas, guacamole and more.

Whether you're looking for somewhere for a tasty taco Tuesday or you have a craving for those fresh Mexican flavours of your vacation that just need to be satisfied - this is the list for you.

El Camino Restaurant

El Camino is one of the most recent Mexican restaurants to open, and there is no doubt that it’s also the most attractive one. Located in KAFD, one of the most prestigious areas in Riyadh, El Camino offers a wonderful selection of authentic Mexican cuisine that you can indulge in. Be sure to check the restaurant's operating hours, as it differs slightly from the usual dining times in the city.

Location: KAFD, Al Aqiq, Riyadh 13519


El Placer Restaurant

Amongst our list of Mexican restaurants is El Placer, considered to be one of the best restaurants that specializes in Mexican cuisine. Situated near Olaya Street and specifically at the Ceiricon Building, one of the oldest destinations in the city; El Placer is known for its classic and exquisite design, as it offers different seating options. While it has a varied menu, the most-favourited option is the taco as it is served in various delicious ways.

Location: Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241

Don Rubens Restaurant

At the Diplomatic Quarter, Don Robbins offers a unique experience in the world of Mexican food, for its classic style. Run by Mexican chef Norma Ortiz who oversees the execution of dishes and the entire experience of guests at the restaurant, she decided to name the restaurant after her grandfather, Don Robbins, who was famous in Mexico for owning a group of restaurants and businesses.

Location: Abdullah Alsahami Street - Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh 12523

Tacoville Restaurant

Tacoville opened its doors to serve Mexican dishes in a special way all the way from Qatif in the Eastern Province. With its distinctive identity, the restaurant is inspired by the Mexican village of Palmitas. Its new branch in Riyadh at Huna Takhassusi offers a variety of delectable options including burritos, quesadillas, and tacos.

Location: Takhassusi Street, Riyadh 12332

New Mexican restaurants you need to try

A group of small restaurants specialising in Mexican cuisine have recently opened in different parts of the city, how lucky are we to have so many options!


Serving up fusion cuisine, this restaurant combines the flavours of Mexico and California. The California burrito dish is one of their much loved menu items, these are flavours and combinations you have probably never tried before.


Oolaa Tacos / Hola Tacos

Specialising in the art of tacos, this is no ordinary taqueria. Oolaa Tacos or Hola Tacos is a new Mexican restaurant offers unique taco creations. You might also get a chance to try the traditional dessert of churros.


Meanwhile Tacoson should not be over looked. These traditional Mexican, soft shell tacos will have you talking. With fresh flavours from homemade salsas and the delicious mix of flavours, this is a slice of Mexico in the middle of Riyadh.