Flamingo Room by tashas opening this week at Diriyah Gate

Flamingo Room by tashas opening this week at Diriyah Gate

Saudi's dining scene continue to thrive, and diners will delight with this interesting addition opening this week
01 September 23
Bujairi Terrace Flamingo Room by tashas

Opened in December 2022, the Diriyah Gate project nears its one year anniversary.

As part of Vision 2030 there has been significant developments made and investment into the Diriyah area. It is expected that the rich history and culture of the Diriyah area will drive tourism to numbers of up to 25 million people.

At the centre of the USD$20 billion heritage and tourism project, brought to life by Diriyah Gate Development Authority is the Bujairi Terrace dining and shopping district.

Head of the South African Tasha Group is restauranteur, Natasha Sideris. Known for some of top rated classy-yet-casual dining experiences in Dubai, such as tashas alongside fine-dining and bar concepts like Avli and and Galaxy Bar, Sideris has now set her sights on Saudi.

Opening on September 8, Tasha Group will debut a brand new dining concept: Flamingo Collection.

Flamingo Collection — a spin-off, inspired by the flagship Flamingo Room restaurant — will feature three inspiring concepts under one roof.

Of course, the Burjairi Terrace, Flamingo Collection will incorporate the Flamingo Room by tashas. The restaurant will feature alongside the group's retail store, the Collective. Both Flamingo Room and the Collective will be joined by the African Lounge.

Flamingo Room by tashas offers a causal, chic dining experience, swathed in an elegant and utterly Instagrammable shade of pink. The restaurant will serve both lunch and dinner options. Diners can expect classic dining options with contemporary twist and a side of African charm.

The Collective is a boutique retail store displaying and selling a curated array of home interiors and furnishings, and some clothing. Discover African designers and style, or nab one of the brand's signature monkey characters.

Finally, the African Lounge will serve an array of beverages, mocktails and African-inspired bites. But, the real treat will be the tented interiors with heavy jungle accents. From deep shades of ruby and emerald alongside glints of gold, the African Lounge will be decorated in animal prints and other jungle inspired furnishings.

Flamingo Room & Collection, Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah Gate
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