A camel milk concept cafe has opened in Riyadh

A camel milk concept cafe has opened in Riyadh

Noug is reintroducing the traditional use of camel milk within a contemporary café setting
12 September 23
Riyadh: New Camel Milk Cafe - Noug

Camel milk is considered a delicacy and a culturally important beverage in many Arab countries.

A cherished beverage steeped in tradition and cultural significance, camel milk is increasingly finding favour on the global stage and has been growing popularity in Asian countries, in particular China.

Vision 2030 aims to diversify the Saudi Arabian economy, and Sawani was inaugurated to raise awareness of camel farming and the benefits of camel dairy products, whilst actively focussing on sustainability.

As a result, Sawani has ventured into a novel concept café called Noug, introducing the distinct flavour and cultural significance of camel milk to an entirely fresh audience.

Noug combines traditional majlis-inspired interiors with the established cultural importance of camel milk, with modern cafe culture.

Renowned for its nutritional advantages, camel milk is densely packed with nutrients, boasting substantial quantities of essential minerals and vitamins such as vitamins A, B, E, and C. Furthermore, it contains less lactose when compared to cow's milk making it, arguably, more digestible for children and those with gut issues.

This new Noug outlet will feature a comprehensive selection of their products, encompassing regular and flavoured fresh camel milk, as well as butter, cheese, cream, gelato, and of course, teas and coffees made using camel milk. Guests can also purchase both bottles and cartons of camel milk to enjoy at home with friends and family.

This is the first time that a cafe has been introduced with the specific focus on serving desserts and beverages made exclusively with camel milk.

Anas Bin Malik Road, Riyadh