Al Mamlaka Social Dining: The Kingdom's first social dining hall experience

Al Mamlaka Social Dining: The Kingdom's first social dining hall experience

An elevated communal dining concept has opened on the second floor of the iconic Kingdom Centre in the nation's capital
15 September 23
Al Mamlaka Social Dining Riyadh

This is a one-of-a-kind dining experience in the heart of Riyadh.

From celebrity chefs and Michelin Star restaurants, Al Mamlaka Social Dining will host twenty-one different dining concepts, and twelve different cuisines, all under one roof.

From internationally renowned restaurants to local hot-spots, this dining destinations will offer diners and picky eaters plenty of choice. A luxury cafeteria-style dining hall, Al Mamlaka is the first dining concept of its kind to open in the Kingdom.

Discover the flavours of authentic Mexican cuisine, dive into a platter fresh, handrolled sushi or the vibrancy of Asian street food. Or, simply sit back and enjoy a freshly ground coffee at the aesthetic coffee dock.

The social aspect of this unique and intriguing dining concept allows friends and family to order from different restaurant outlets, and still be able to sit together and enjoy the atmosphere of this new dining hall.

Several notable brands have been confirmed to host a kitchen outlet at Al Mamlaka Social Dining including Floozie, Assembly, Lena Lu, Lilly's Cafe La Rustica, Rare Grill and PAO. Much-loved Lebanese, Seray will introduce a brand new dining option, Seray Bistro and the three-starred Michelin star Chef Mauro Colagreco will showcase a luxurious award-worthy burger bar for hungry diners to taste.

The dining hall is purposefully designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Walls and counter-tops are tiled in hues of pastel green, and are complemented with pops of bubblegum pink and clean white furnishings, and the entire hall is swathed in jungle ferns and large-leafed cheese plants for a shady, earthy feel.

The tone and ambience is set with floods of lighting during the day from the large floor-to-ceiling windows, and by night, the low hum of chatter and chef calls meet the velvety lighting from geometric over-head lamps.

Choose to sit with the family in a booth, or go one-on-one with your best friend, or why not get stuck into the action and sit at the counter top watching the chefs get down to work.

Floor 2, Kingdom Centre, Riyadh 11321