New Bread Ahead Riyadh will debut artisanal baking brilliance

New Bread Ahead Riyadh will debut artisanal baking brilliance

Indulge in an array of baked creations and fresh flavours, as Bread Ahead introduces its signature buttery, flakey goodness to Riyadh
03 November 23
Bread Ahead Bakery

Bread Ahead, the celebrated London-based bakery, has ventured into the heart of Hittin, Riyadh.

Introducing a delectable array of baked wonders to captivate taste buds from November, the bakery brand has spread its wings across the Kingdom following a positive reception in Jeddah.

With a commitment to premium seasonal ingredients, the bakery has fused traditional recipes with local elements, resulting in a menu that truly shines. This new Riyadh location, marks a significant chapter in Bread Ahead's global expansion, complementing its locations in the UK, UAE, and KSA, as they infuse Riyadh's culinary tapestry with their unique flavours and traditions.

Bread Ahead's new Riyadh location isn't just about pastries and doughnuts; it's a symphony of taste, where each item on the menu narrates a story of craftsmanship.

Step into the Riyadh bakery to discover the bakery's innovative creations, from the irresistible Pistachio Pain au Chocolat to the Blackcurrant Cheesecake Doughnut, tempting customers with its rich Creme Patissiere filling.

The menu boasts exciting new additions like the Ultimate Egg Sandwich and old-time favourites including the Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich and the luscious Sticky Date Pudding.

Founder Matthew Jones, a dedicated artisan baker, set the stage for Bread Ahead in 2013, driven by a profound passion for the art of baking. His dedication to refining the craft and sharing his expertise has led to the development of artisan schools, uniting baking enthusiasts under one flavourful roof.

Join Bread Ahead on this delectable journey as they bring their passion and expertise in baking to the people of Riyadh.