Restaurant Review: L'Ami Dave, Riyadh

Restaurant Review: L'Ami Dave, Riyadh

Discover the delicious simplicity of French cuisine in the heart of Riyadh
15 November 23

L’Ami Dave holds a nostalgic charm reminiscent of an era when dining out was truly an extraordinary occasion.

The delicious simplicity of French cuisine is no simple feat, but the establishment’s service and kitchen staff execute it flawlessly, in a space enveloped by a classic elegance few restaurants can match. On my last visit, my friend (also a chef) and I entered the space to soft Dalida tunes, and were led to a charming corner table.

Lit by candles and table lanterns, and set with tableware reminiscent of La Belle Époque, the table for two provided an intimate setting. The menu at L’ami Dave is all about timeless French fare, featuring classics and sophisticated options.

We began with warm toasted baguette and silky butter, followed by our entrées. The escargot was bathed in a melange of butter, garlic, parsley, and lemon, and the rich, well-seasoned bone marrow draped in a sweet, sour glaze – a tantalising introduction of what was to come.

For our pièce de résistance, we opted for fish and meat dishes – a challenging endeavour given the stunning selection of lamb, veal, and seafood plats principaux.

Our sea bream arrived basted in a nutty beurre noisette intertwined with bright lemon. The other plate was one of the most perfectly cooked filet mignons I’ve had in the Kingdom. Served with sauce Périgueux, its tenderness shone through with every easily sliced piece coated in the delicate truffle sauce.

Marking the bittersweet end of the night was a table side prepared chocolate mousse. Incredibly smooth and decadent dollops of rich mousse and Chantilly were set on crisp dark chocolate crumbs, and elegantly garnished with curled chocolate shavings – an experience that would make me return for it alone.

Throughout the night, the outstanding service complemented the food. The staff greeted us with smiles and attentive gestures, and the servers' extensive knowledge of the menu was evident in their recommendations and explanations, adding depth to the story behind each dish.

All in all, every element worked in perfect harmony, playing a vital role in creating the overall experience. Establishments like L’ami Dave are a key part of Riyadh's ever evolving culinary landscape (and an integral part of its cultural fabric), making the city a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore Saudi’s many culinary delights.

The diverse and dynamic restaurant scene of the Kingdom’s capital never ceases to amaze and delight those in search of novel gastronomic adventures.

Inside Mansard Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Hotel,
Ar Rabi, Riyadh 13315