From Paris With Love: Discover the delights of Pierre Hermé at Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

From Paris With Love: Discover the delights of Pierre Hermé at Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

We indulged in several sweet treats and a conversation with the famed pastry chef at the opening of his new namesake patisserie in Riyadh
13 February 24
Pierre Herme: Four Seasons, Riyadh

Riyadh is fast-becoming an international hub for upscale cafes, fine-dining restaurants, and internationally renowned dining experiences, and continues to gain popularity as a must-visit culinary destination.

This week there was a new addition to the city's selection, enter Pierre Hermé. The renowned French pastry chef and chocolatier is famed for his exquisite take on flavours, and traditionally honest pastries and macarons.

Welcoming guests in person to his new boutique cafe at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh, we had the chance to sit down with the celebrated pastry chef to ask a few question about his affinity with the world of sweets, and why Riyadh was chosen to be the flagship location for the brand in Saudi.

Because of his inventive approach to pastry production, Pierre Hermé is often referred to the "Picasso of Pastry". With multiple boutiques around the world in destinations such as Paris, Tokyo, Doha, and even Marrakesh, his macarons are renowned for their elegant designs, outstanding quality, and flavourful combinations - delicate yet delightfully decadent.

Born into a family with generations of bakers and pastry chefs it seemed like fate that Pierre to develop a passion and love for baking. “My father inspired me to start my journey. At nine years old I knew I wanted to become a chef.”

The invite-only event commenced with the Chef himself introducing a range of macaron flavours as Executive Pastry chef of Pierre Hermé at Four Season Hotel, Steve Thiery prepared the signature Pierre Herme 'macaron cookie', flavoured with aromatic rose, letchi, and fresh raspberry. 

As Ramadan is approaching, the chef will introduce two new cakes, shaped like tree branches with the rich nutty flavours of pistachio and indulgent, creamy vanilla. The menu is set to change seasonally, and Chef Pierre confirmed that a series of new flavours will be introduced that will be inspired by Riyadh, and the Kingdom as a whole.

“It’s my second time in Riyadh, and I'm still discovering it. I would like to learn more about the history of Saudi Arabia, and visit AlUla to better understand culture and traditions.”

When opening somewhere new, Chef Pierre always sticks likes to his original recipes. Creating new flavours for a specific location is not always exclusive to the said place, “If we create a flavour in Riyadh, it could also be sold at several boutiques worldwide.”

A few of Pierre's most sought-after flavours include rose litchi, raspberry, and of course, the infinement vanille tarte.

When creating masterpieces, Pierre is inspired by ingredients the most, and sometimes when speaking with someone, tasting, or listening to something. “There’s no real process for inspiration. I combine inspiration, audacity, and creativity to bring together the flavours and tastes like an architect.”

“The worst thing for a person to be, is to be afraid. What is important to me is to have both audacity and humility together. Never be shy and always keep going forward.” Solid advice in any capacity or career.

Kingdom Centre, Al Olaya, Riyadh 11321