These 3 restaurants in Saudi have been named as best in the region

These 3 restaurants in Saudi have been named as best in the region

This year, three restaurants have made the cut, with two newcomers earning their debut spots on the list
14 February 24
Saudi Restaurants Named Best Restaurants in MENA 2024

A well-kept secret that is now being shared: Saudi knows good food.

Although great food can be found across the Kingdom, Riyadh in particular is growing culinary hub, of late the capital has seen numerous international brands open and as a whole the city has begun to truly cater to the global gastronomes.

However, it should be acknowledged that Saudi locals and residents have long been indulging in delicious dining experiences in the Kingdom, and now the region is now getting international recognition.

The Michelin Awards are yet to acknowledge the growth in the hospitality sector of the nation, but much-lauded publisher, World's 50 Best is making sure the Kingdom is recognised. And, as part of its annual publication of the list of Middle East and Africa's 50 Best Restaurants 2024, three Saudi named - including two restaurants that have made their debut for the first time.

Let's take a look at the Saudi restaurants that made this year's list:


Place: 22

This year marks the restaurant's third year being named on the list of MENA's 50 Best, moving up from 30 in 2022 and to 23 in 2023, Marble maintains a strong hold on the list and again moves up to sit at 22 for 2024.

Aiming for a farm-to-table experience, and specialising in the art of the smoking and open-flame grilling of meats in an intimate and distinctive dining experience, Marble is widely known for perfectly cooked, prime-cuts of meat. Under the tutelage of chef-owner and expert butcher, Abdulrahman Alsowailem, Marble has become the ultimate dining destination for anyone seeking mouthwatering and succulent meats - no frills, all flavour.

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Makkah Al Mukarramah Branch Road, Turki Square, Riyadh

Lunch Room

Place: 40

One of just 13 new entries to the 2024 list, Lunch Room has certainly made an impact in the region, and has come straight in at 40 place.

Interestingly despite being named as one of the best restaurants in the region, Lunch Room is positioned less as a restaurant per-se and more as a breakfast and brunch, cafe-style destination. Rustic and wholesome, Lunch Room is self-described as a 'social dining' experience with a lot of its menu centering around the restaurant's clay oven, this is where you will find hearty, flavourful meals in a buzzy and relaxed environment. The Lunch Room embraces traditional Arabesque dishes alongside fusions of flavours from around the world, and of course the new brunch items of the Instagram-era such as avocado toast.

8030 Takhassusi Branch Road, Riyadh 12364


Place: 50

Another impressive new entry to this list, Kuuru is also the only Jeddah dining location to be named on this list in the past two years. Coming in at 50, we're confident that this fusion sensation will climb its way up the list in no time.

Serving up a tantalising fusion unique flavours, Kuuru offers a menu of Japanese-Peruvian Nikkei cuisine. Modern Japanese-style interiors are met with various prints and decor elements of South America, this is a place where diners can expect the unexpected, in the best way possible. Central to Kuuru's uniqueness is the open, live cooking station located right in the middle of the restaurant. From Japanese sushi to Peruvian ceviche and perfectly cooked steaks, Kuuru serves up a menu that is nothing short of an explosion of flavours and colours.

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Al Malik Road, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah 23422