Restaurant Review: Jackie Restaurant, The St Regis Riyadh

Restaurant Review: Jackie Restaurant, The St Regis Riyadh

Step into a world of timeless sophistication inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, where Mediterranean and American flavours converge in an immersive dining experience like no other
15 February 24
Jackie Restaurant, The St Regis Riyadh

In the heart of VIA Riyadh stands a tribute to old Hollywood glam inspired by the timeless grace and style of former First Lady of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Aptly named Jackie Restaurant, this charming eatery is located in The St. Regis Riyadh and is definitely not your typical dining affair. 

Walking into this distinguished establishment is like entering an elaborate dinner party – you are greeted by plush furnishings, ambient lighting, and subtle gold and marble accents, creating a regal ambience.

Floor-to-ceiling photos of the iconic fashion maven sprawl the walls, leading your gaze up the sleek staircase. Teal velvet sofas are adorned with embroidered cushions resembling Onassis’ impeccably chic fashion style of pastel shades and playful patterns, while a sleek piano adds that special touch to the space.  

As soon as we sat at our table, I glanced at the menu and knew this was a place that would bring me back again and again – a blend of Greek and American dishes, inspired by Onassis’ love of the Mediterranean and the fashionista's fond memories of the Greek isle of Skorpios. From fresh salads to succulent meaty skewers, the menu has been curated to transport you to the sunny shores of Greece.  

There was a lot to choose from – and every table around us held a masterful display of culinary excellence – but our eyes were instantly drawn to the grilled octopus. This shareable starter was impeccably cooked, its tenderness offering a harmonious blend of smokiness and natural sweetness. Accompanied by capers and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, it was a delightful expression of Mediterranean flavours.  

For our main, we opted for the sea bass, gently seared to perfection and exuding a tempting aroma. Its delicate flakes infused with rich flavours from the pan were just perfect.

We also ordered the wagyu, and from the first sight and smell, we knew this was an excellent choice made. With every bite, the meat’s rich marbling transformed into tenderness, and the sizzling aroma and robust flavours captivated the senses. 

In fact, Jackie Restaurant is the perfect venue if you’re craving a good piece of meat. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic New York strip steak or want to indulge in a gourmet burger, every dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients and a whole lot of skill. The chef's meticulous touch, blending premium cuts with bold tastes, transforms your dining experience into a celebration of American gastronomy. 

One thing is certain – Jackie Restaurant is a place to see and be seen, an invitation to embark on a culinary journey paying homage to two rich traditions. Whether relishing the robust tastes of Greece or enjoying hearty American dishes, this spot promises an immersive experience that lingers in the heart long after the last bite. 

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