Riyadh Bound: Kuuru to open in the capital this weekend

Riyadh Bound: Kuuru to open in the capital this weekend

Named as one of the best restaurants in the MENA region, the fusion concept restaurant will finally open in Riyadh
19 February 24
Kuuru Opens in Riyadh Image source: IG: kuuruksa

Just weeks ago, Kuuru was named as one of the fifty best restaurants in the MENA region, and now the fascinating Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant is Riyadh bound.

As part of its annual publication of the list of Middle East and Africa's 50 Best Restaurants 2024, three Saudi restaurants were named - including two restaurants that have made their debut for the first time. Kuuru debuted at spot number 50, but we are sure that the dining destination will continue to climb up the ranks in years to come.

Although Jeddah food enthusiasts have already been enjoying the spoils of Kuuru for a few years, Riyadh gourmands have been teased with this opening for nearly a year - and now we finally have more details about the restaurant's Riyadh location.

Opening on Friday February 23 in the King Abdullah Financial District, will bring the ingenuity of innovation to the capital. Pivoting on a Japanese-Peruvian inspired Nikkei dining concept, Kuuru serves up an array of fresh flavours, splashed with colour.

Diners can expect a menu filled with delicious traditional Japanese and Peruvian dishes such as sushi and ceviche, but also an array of crossover, fusions foods that embrace the best of both cuisines. From top quality meats, fresh seafood delights and colourful, crisp salads, there s something for everyone on this menu.

The interiors are set to echo those of the Jeddah location; modern Japanese-style interiors juxtaposed with various prints and other design elements hailing from South America - chic, clean yet compulsively intriguing.

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Riyadh: Al Aqiq, KAFD, Riyadh 13519
Jeddah: Al Malik Road, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah 23422