WATCH: Join us as we dine at tasha's African Lounge

WATCH: Join us as we dine at tasha's African Lounge

From flavourful dishes to warm hospitality and a vibrant atmosphere, this restaurant provided a standout dining experience in Riyadh
02 April 24
African Lounge by tashas, Bujairi Terrace Image source: tashas

Take yourself (and your tastebuds) on a journey beyond the Kingdom's borders.

Embark on an African adventure as soon as you step inside, African Lounge by tashas brings you on a journey of flavours at Diriyah's Bujairi Terrace.

Locals and residents already know that Riyadh is fast becoming a culinary hub, from upscale restaurants serving international cuisines to local eateries, and must-visit cafes - the selection of dining experiences across the capital city are endless.

As the name might suggest, African Lounge delivers a menu inspired by global flavours, and sits amidst the hustle and bustle of Bujairi Terrace's thriving foodie scene, African Lounge delivers an unparalleled dining experience.

Drawing inspiration from the raw, natural beauty of safaris, African Lounge features beautifully draped and tented interiors, complemented by heavy jungle-inspired accents and prints alongside an array of traditional African decor pieces. From deep shades of ruby and emerald alongside glints of gold, the African Lounge takes you on a journey of unique flavours as you sit amidst the jungle-inspired furnishings.

We ventured to the African Lounge recently to savour 'The Journey'; a set menu of culturally inspired shared plates, a dining style that embodies a casual and relaxed dining experience.

I felt like I was in the heart of Africa due to the restaurants' attention to detail in both the cuisine and décor. Every element of the dining experience, from the welcoming atmosphere to the furniture and setting, in addition to varied menu with foods from over the continent, made it the perfect experience.

I sat outside on the terrace, overlooking the picturesque views from Bujairi Terrace at night, surrounded by a star-studded sky and palm trees.

The meal began with an intriguing fusions of flavours as hummus was served with kimchi, coriander cress, and sumac onion. Flavourful and interesting, this was then followed by delectable prawn arancini bites, garnished with a masala spice mix and citrus aioli.

I tried the Around the Bush mocktail, flavoured with pear, wild fig, plum and sweet red apple, it was a perfect and refreshing accompaniment to the meal. The Tangerine Queen was also delicious; the sweet citrus flavour of mandarin is fused with punchy passion fruit notes, and balanced with tropical kaffir lime and lemongrass, all of which is then topped with a carbonated ginger to add a kick.

Next up was the rainbow slaw; colourful as the name might suggest, the dish was a mix of grated fennel and carrots, shreds of spinach and cabbage, brought together in a herb yogurt dressing.

The prawn sosaties presented the perfect balance of tangy and hearty flavours with spiced lemon butter, Aleppo and isot pepper, and chilli yoghurt was one of my favourite dishes.

For seafood lovers, you must try the calamri sosaties with fresh herb salsa, lime aioli, and garlic chips. Truly delicious.

I don’t usually eat red meat, but I had to try the short rib sliders. This was a dish that blew my mind, and I can now say that I am on team red meat. Tender and flavourful, the short rib will have you dreaming of the next time you'll order it – before you even finish the dish. Served with a refreshing, spicy tomato bean relish named chakalaka, and a dollop of kimchi-infused mayonnaise, this is a most definitely a moreish meal.

Lastly, I had to try the roasted butternut squash. It was the perfect dish to complete the savoury aspect of the meal, the hearty yet delicate sweet and nutty flavour of the butternut squash married well with the lemon and honey dressing and curry leaf.

What is a meal without dessert?

I couldn't leave without trying the African Lounge's signature desserts. Starting with the vanilla panna cotta, the rich and subtle taste of true vanilla was balanced with a crunchy maple, sesame praline, and crumble of honeycomb. Light and satisfying, this is the perfect dessert for those seeking something sweet without wanting to go overboard.

But it was the decadent sticky toffee pudding that captured my heart. This dessert was on another level. The rich mixture between dates, toffee sauce, custard and ice cream, a symphony of wholesome, homey flavours that made for the perfect ending to this culinary experience.

The overall experience truly captured the essence of the continent through its food and ambiance. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a taste of Africa with a modern twist.

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