Top Traditional Breakfast Spots in Riyadh

Top Traditional Breakfast Spots in Riyadh

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day
03 April 23

When in Rome Riyadh, why not indulge in a traditional Saudi-style breakfast?

When it comes to delicious traditional breakfast options, Riyadh delivers. There are so many delicious restaurants and cafes to try, and in our opinion, a Middle Eastern feast is a great way to start your day.

Whatever way you like to start your day, there is plenty to sink your teeth into in Riyadh. With this list, consider breakfast sorted for the foreseeable future.

F6OR Faris

From the Arabizi in its name, you can already tell this place is on the beat of reinventing traditional breakfasts. F6or Faris (Fu-toor Faris) serves the traditional breakfast staples in most Saudi houses.

Since Saudi home cuisine is an amalgamation of different cultures and their food, F6or Faris’s menu is very much a representation of that diversity. Egyptian ful, Tunesian shakshouka and a European omelet are some of the stops this breakfast world tour will take you on.

Give Me Five

Although Give Me Five serves up traditional fare, the interiors and decors are far from traditional. Verging towards quirky, there are life sized camel statues and brightly coloured crockery. But, the traditional breakfast here should be on your list of spots to try.

Hamsa W Taghmeesa

Known as one of Riyadh’s best breakfast spots, you knew it would be making an appearance on this list. Roll up your sleeves and arrive hungry, breakfast at Hamsa w Taghmeesa is not for the faint-hearted.Expect traditional Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus, homemade breads and of course, karak tea.Like mama always says: sharing is caring and this breakfast spot is the perfect place to do just that. 


Combining the flavours of Lebanese, Turkish and Saudi cuisines – Harat provides the ultimate Middle Eastern breakfast feed. A trip to Harat is quite literally a trip down memory lane.

Transport yourself back in time to when all you needed to start your day was a little ma’asoub to get you in the right mood.


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This breakfast joint is named after the originally Afghani bread, Tameez, which – legend has it – got its name from its excellence and exceptionality. This is a family friendly joint that delivers truly delicious traditional dishes such as foul, falafel and shakshuka.

Seventies Cafe

Start your day with a spoonful of nostalgia at the Seventies Café. Grab yourself a light bite and a strong coffee. A throwback to a time when all you needed was a strong aromatic cup of coffee to solve all your problems and kickstart your day.

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