Taste Test: We found the viral cookie-stuffed-croissant in Riyadh

Taste Test: We found the viral cookie-stuffed-croissant in Riyadh

You've probably seen this glorious creation on your FYP, and this is everything you need to know about the treat
24 April 24

Fresh, flakey and buttery croissants filled with warm, chocolate chip cookie dough - a combination we wish we had thought of before.

The viral and innovative idea combines the moreish and umami flavours of both croissants and cookies; soft, sweet, sugary. I just had to try it!

Originating in Covent Garden, London, Chestnut Bakery is known across the United Kingdom for being the home of the 'Award Winning Best Croissant in the UK 2023'. And now the famous bakery has a Riyadh location.

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Where do I find the viral cookie stuffed croissant, and how much is it?

Chestnut Bakery is one of the first bakeries in Riyadh to introduce this viral, baked sensation, the unique and delicious combination to their menu for SAR38. Although when I heard about it, the idea seemed a little unconventional, the indulgent appearance of the croissant instantly sparked my curiosity (and my tastebuds!). I just had to try it.

When I arrived at the bakery, I discovered that it was in the corner of a complex with a beautiful architectural design on the famous Al-Takhasusi Road in the city of Riyadh.

And then it was time to ready myself, and go in. As soon as I entered the bakery, I was greeted by the enveloping and wholesome smell of freshly baked breads and pastries. The smell we all know and love, and one that undoubtedly aroused my appetite - I wanted to try everything!

The Taste Test

Of course I ordered a cookie stuffed croissant, which the main reason for leaving the office on this dull, miserable morning. I was hoping it would brighten my day, and it did just that! The croissant arrived in front of me, the layers of the croissant dough packaging the tasty treat beautifully. My mouth watered.

The croissant was indeed a symphony of buttery, sugary goodness. Unusual but oh, so delicious.

The crispness of the croissant layers, and the softness of the cookie dough created a special and delicious flavour profile and gave what would be just an ordinary croissant a unique character.

Would I eat it again? Silly question. Yes, most definitely yes.

It is not only this incredible cookie croissant creation that the bakery is known for, but it also excels in a wide variety of sweet, baked goods alongside some savoury and salty baked favourites and tasty breakfast dishes.

Cookie Croissant Price: SAR38