Chby Cookies create flavours inspired by Saudi

Chby Cookies create flavours inspired by Saudi

Sharing the best of locally-sourced ingredients in creative flavour combinations, Chby Cookies bring something new to Riyadh dessert scene
24 June 24
Chby Cookies, Riyadh

Calling all cookie lovers! Are you craving some freshly baked, crispy edged and soft-on-the-inside, flavourful cookies?

Chby Cookies should be on your list.

The story behind Chby Cookies began in 2022, with a dream and a small pop-up booth. "We started with just 16 square metres," says owner, Rami Al-Ghamdi.

With a commitment to serving up handmade, New York-style cookies, the true magic of Chby Cookies lies in the preparation and baking method which is both delicate and precise; from hand-churned ingredients, to the pre-bake freezing and perfectly timed baking. "Myself and two others would make the cookie dough every night after midnight, serving it fresh to customers in the morning. After a successful first year, we needed a bigger space and relocated to Kairouan in Riyadh."

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Seasonal and Locally-Inspired Flavours

With new flavours introduced for every season, it means that you need to visit Chby Cookies regularly to ensure you don't miss out on th latest drops.

Chby's flavours are inspired by the finest fruits produced in the Kingdom, these are no ordinary cookies. Chby's delicious cookie recipes, combinations and toppings capture the essence of Saudi Arabia's most loved flavours, fruits and spices; each making for unique and innovative flavours.

"At Chby Cookies," Rami explains, "we aim to create an extraordinary flavour experience, taking our customers to a whole new level of enjoyment." This involves offering a variety beyond classic cookies. Their signature option features a smooth layer of sauce or glaze, similar to a doughnut – something you won't find anywhere else!

Rami explains the aim of incorporating locally sourced ingredients, and locally inspired flavour combinations, “We seek to give local flavours its right, as it adds deliciousness and joy to the mix of cookie. Soon an Al-Ula region inspired flavour will be added, and from Mecca and many other cities.”

Al-Ahsa Limes and Blueberries

Using locally sourced, organic ingredients, the team at Chby Cookies create unique flavours that capture the essence of Saudi Arabia, and this summer it is the refreshing taste of Al-Ahsa limes and the deep, fruity flavours of perfectly ripe blueberries.

Flavours of Aseer

The innovation team at Chby Cookies is constantly aiming to create new flavours.

Partnering with the Aseer Company, they've launched a range of exciting new flavours that celebrate the diverse landscapes of the south. Indulge in the calming, natural aromas of lavender cookies, or savour the sweetness of chewy, caramel Safri dates from Bisha, balanced perfectly with the tang of bin Zahir lemons grown high in the Aseer mountains, and nibbles of white chocolate adds a touch of creamy indulgence to complete this delightful experience.

From SAR18 per cookie,
Shaikh Abdullah Ibn Jabreen St, Al Qirawan, Riyadh 13531