A chef's thoughts on Jeddah's newest burger joint, Lou

A chef's thoughts on Jeddah's newest burger joint, Lou

One of the city's newest openings, Lou has been making waves in Jeddah's burger scene
02 July 24
في لو برجر طعم البرجر غير، المصدر إنستغرام lou.jeddah

From fast food chains to high end eateries, cafes and bistros, the likelihood of a burger being on the menu is always quite high.

Most people will say that burgers reign supreme for their delicious simplicity and endless customisations; the perfect balance between quality meat, bread and sauce, and optional extras such as onions, lettuce and tomatoes.

Lou opened in the Al-Khayyat Centre in February, and has struck a chord with Jeddawis for serving up quality, flavourful food that is delivered to the table quickly.

Unique Entrance

Drawing in foodies and burger lovers from near and far, Lou's unique entrance also entices local social media stars to visit. With a special, speakeasy-style entrance in order to access the restaurant you must enter a passcode found near the restaurant's exterior gate to open the door.

Upon entering, I was greeted by a pleasant atmosphere filled with the sounds of people, music, waitstaff, and doors opening. The restaurant’s decor is simple, with comfortable dim lighting and closely arranged black tables. The walls are decorated with ornaments and modern wooden shelves, creating a cozy, home-like feel.

Simple, Straight-Forward Menu

Lou offers visitors a simple menu, ensuring that its food stands front and centre and there isn't an overwhelming selection. With just three burger options on the menu it means ordering is hassle free for both diners and the restaurant. This is a continuing trend for restaurants in Saudi Arabia, and has been welcomed by diners.

The Food

First things first, appetisers.

Ordering was seamless and service was quick. Our waiter first served us spiced and crispy French fries, followed by a flavourful Korean kimchi, a unique offering at Lou. The kimchi consists of a semi-fermented array of crunchy cucumber slices, cabbage, onions, and garlic, with refreshing sour, spicy, and sweet flavours that give it an umami taste. I also tried chicken bites from the starters menu, golden fried and breaded chicken pieces are served with an appetising buffalo sauce - just like the menu, simple and delicious.

And the piece de resistance, the burgers - the real reason we are visiting Lou.

The burger menu consists of just three options: the House Burger, the Truffle Burger and the Fried Chicken Burger. And of course, we had to try all three.

You have to start with a classic, so I tried the House Burger first, featuring a high-quality beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, sliced tomato, lettuce, a decent dash of pickles and white onion, topped with a delicious house sauce. I devoured this burger in seconds; it was light but also very satisfying, and the flavour profiles of the sauces with the burger were perfect. The second option was the Truffle Burger, which turned out to be my favourite despite usually avoiding truffle-flavoured dishes. At Lou, the truffle sauce was perfect, providing a deep and authentic flavour that complemented the beef patty, ample Swiss Emmental cheese, and the soft brioche bun. To finish up, it was the Fried Chicken Burger; a perfectly fried chicken breast that was juicy on the inside and had a crispy, spiced breading on the exterior. Succulent and delicious, this was also a top contender.

Customise your burger however you like with additions such as caramelised or fried onions, beef bacon, extra cheese, or even a handful of jalapenos.

And now for dessert.

I am not one to pass up the opportunity to dive head first into a delicious dessert. Again I was met with a simple menu, consisting of just two options - perfect for those of us who are indecisive.

The cheesecake (which was my favourite of the two) was uniquely presented upside down with a crispy, buttery biscuit layer on top, and the rich, creamy cheese below, and a hint of sweet berry jam in the middle. This is known on social media as "The Trendy Cheesecake," and it truly deserves the name!

For chocolate lovers, the "So Dark" is unmissable; a hot chocolate cake topped with dark chocolate, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and extra chocolate sauce. It was delicious and rich in chocolate, but the cheesecake remained my top choice!

Prices and Location

The burger prices ranged between SAR27-39, which I find to be quite reasonable given the quality of the meat and the selection of accoutrements. It is a place I will definitely revisit.

A Chef's Opinion

As a chef, I appreciated the simplicity of the menu - doing a small number of items right is a true skill in itself, and leaves no room for error. I also must mention the significant role sauce plays in a burger, as it blends the sandwich's ingredients and provides balanced flavours. Lou has successfully created a balanced house sauce that gives their burgers strong and distinctive flavours.

Overall I would recommend visiting Lou, and with such a straight-forward menu, why not order it all?

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Al Khayat Centre, Al Andalus, Jeddah 2332