Explore Jeddah: 14 Unmissable Gems

Explore Jeddah: 14 Unmissable Gems

Explore Jeddah with Princess Raghad AlSaud as your guide
13 April 23

Princess Raghad tells us where you should really be going. 
She's explored the winding canals of Copenhagen, savoured the pastries of Paris, soaked up the views from the hills of Los Angeles and roamed the bustling streets of Cairo. But for Princess Raghad nothing quite compares to the magic of her home, Jeddah.  

Now back in the city she knows and loves, the Jeddah-born and based art enthusiast drops a pin on 14 gems that you should make a beeline for.

Save this list, and explore the city of Jeddah like a true local.  

📍Barn’s Coffee

Barn’s is a homegrown coffeehouse, and they have a drive-thru – an excellent way to start your day. Swing by and grab coffee and a pastry if you’re feeling hungry. My go-to drink order is the iced shaken white mocha, delicious!  

Visit Barn's Coffee here

📍 Jeddah Corniche 

One spot that should be on your list is Jeddah’s Corniche area. This area has many shops, cute cafes and a large park to wander. It's my favourite spot for stretching the legs, grabbing some pictures or a snack. Frozen yoghurt, anyone? 

📍 Al-Jazeera Mosque 

The iconic Al-Jazeera Mosque, also known as the floating mosque or island mosque, provides a panoramic view unlike any other. Take it all in, this is a vista you will remember forever.  

Al Kurnaysh Br Rd

📍Adani Bar 

A 21st century tea house, Adani Bar specialises in spiced Yemeni-style tea and is the perfect location to take a break from wandering. Pure happiness is sipping on karak as some tasty sandwiches are served.  

Said Abu Bakr, Ar Rawdah
Visit Adani Bar here

 📍F6OR Faris (Faris Breakfast)

Craving a traditional breakfast? How about starting your day with some masoub? The banana bread pudding is a must-have at Faris Breakfast, and is my top choice for the first meal of the day.  

Visit F6OR Faris here

📍Samia’s Dish 

Eating at Samia’s Dish – a cosy restaurant that serves authentic Hijazi fare – makes me feel like I’m enjoying my mother’s food. And, when you visit, I’m sure you’ll feel the same! 

Ahmad Al Attas, Al Zahra
Visit Samia's Dish here

📍 Wahba Crater 

Although a little further out from the city, the Wahba Crater is magnificent. You can now camp under the starry sky while visiting kingdom’s biggest and deepest volcanic crater. So cool! 

Wahba Crater at sunset

📍Medd Café & Roastery  

Since it’s also a roastery, a fresh and aromatic cup is always guaranteed at Medd. Not only is this a great café to grab a cup of coffee, it’s also a brilliant people watching spot.   

Visit Medd Cafe here

📍 KOA 

KOA serves a luxurious yet laidback Afternoon Tea that reminds me of London. Afternoon Tea here is the ideal place to catch up with my girl gang, we love this spot.  

Atelier La Vie,
King Abdul Aziz Rd

Visit KOA here

📍 Room No. 7 

If you’re a yoga enthusiast like me, head to Room No.7. I love to unwind and refocus by practising hot yoga with expert practitioner, Amani Ismail at the Room No.7 Studio in Al Muhammadiyah district. 

Ar Rawdah
Visit Room No.7 here

📍 King Abdullah Economic City 

King Abdullah Economic City is my go-to spot when I'm looking for a quiet place in the city. One activity I really love to do, which is close to the major centre, is ride horses on the beach at sunset. 

📍The Old Market 

If you are a photography enthusiast, the Old Market is your chance to shine. It is also an opportunity to experience popular food, hot and cold drinks, and get to know more about Jeddah and its history.