Assouline’s New Destination Titles 2023

Assouline’s New Destination Titles 2023

Known for producing luxury coffee table books, the latest Assouline publications include three Saudi destinations
14 April 23
Assouline Saudi Arabia

Complete with slipcovers, crafted in Italy and presented in the style you’d expect, Assouline’s latest beautiful releases feature such diverse subjects as the history of iconic designer Thomas Burberry, travelling in Monte Carlo and Cairo to a behind-the-scenes look at The Vatican. Featuring photography so vivid you’ll feel the sand between your toes and the sea breeze massage your face, these books are ideal for the distinguished reader, traveller and art enthusiast.

Here we take a trip around the globe with a preview of each new title.

Alongside multiple new titles for the colorful Assouline coffee table book collection, two unique books have been launched. Both are focused on renowned areas of Saudi and come adorned with silken hardback covers, detailed illustrations, and stunning photographs of the areas of Al’Madinah and Makkah.

Makkah: The Holy City of Island

With a silken hardback cover, this Assouline guide to Makkah: The Holy City of Islam is a unique coffee table book and is distinctly different to the usual rainbow covers of the Assouline collection. Elongated pages feature panoramas of the City of Miracles known as Makkah. Experience the beauty of the Holy City and learn about the art of the Ka’bah, the stone temple in the mosque at the holiest site in the Muslim world. This book celebrates the birthplace of the Prophet Mohammed and the pilgrimage site that is the city also known as Mecca.

Al’ Madinah: The City of the Prophet

The Prophet said, ‘I have made Al’Madinah a sanctuary between its two (Harrat) mountains,’ writes Sahih al-Bukhari in this glorious and opulent book, that goes beyond the average expectations of a coffee table book. Combining engaging text with detailed illustrations and a collection of both colour and black and white photographs, this book pays homage to the rich history of the region.

AlUla Ever

AlUla is one of the most unique travel destinations in the world. Home to the Kingdom's first UNESCO Heritage Site (Hegra), AlUla is a desert oasis where the juxtaposition of ancient wonders and contemporary advancements creates a captivating narrative. This exceptionally well-preserved haven of cultural and rich historical significance, has flourished over countless centuries and has now welcomed the world's explorers. This brightly coloured book encapsulates the warm colour and charm of Old Town, the expansive desert landscape and vibrancy of culture and experience to be discovered in AlUla.

Futhermore, additional titles have been added to the myriad of colourful coffee table books focusing on some of the world’s most stunning islands, country gems and striking cities. Let’s take a look at some of the new titles introduced by Assouline this year.



Bali is known for its stunning beaches, seemingly unending days of sunshine are followed by showstopping sunsets. Celebrating Balinese food and culture, the sea and surfing, and the peace to be found on this Indonesian island, the self-titled Bali Assouline book is a must-have for the coffee table.



Explore the beauty, diversity and history of the ancient city of Egypt. Showcasing Cairo to the world, these photographs radiate the history and the energy in the ever-busy city, where modern day life occurs in the shadows of an iconic Wonders of the World in an exquisite volume showing the capital of Egypt on the world class stage.


Explore the spirit of the soulful city of Cartegena, which is considered the historic heart of Columbia. The region and the city are growing in popularity for those seeking a new luxury travel destination. Whether you’ve visited before and you’re looking for a nostaligic reminder, or you’re on the lookout for your next adventure, discover Cartegena’s palpable zest for life through snapshots of the incredible city in this brand new edition.  


Greek Islands

Experience the perfect shades of blue found only in the Aegean Sea, the glowing white of the buildings and never-ending summer of the Greek Isles. Assoline’s Greek Islands books pays homage to the culturally rich country and islands, and captures the vibrancy of perfect island sunsets and the lives lived in the Greek Islands.

Monte Carlo

Learn more about the famed European principality of Monte Carlo and experience the stunning scenes of life in this sparkling gem on the French Riviera. From the hotly anticipated annual Formula One race to Hotel de Paris and Buddha Bar, this beautiful book is a visual tribute to Monte Carlo.

Paris St Germain

A must for any football fan. With striking and evocative images from the club where greats like Messi, Neymar and Mbappe have donned the shirt, this book captures the energy, the pride and the history of a football club that has showcased some of football’s most iconic sportspeople. Feel the glory of the beautiful sport in the stadium, the players and the epic crowds of Paris St Germain.

Punta del Este

An exquisite title that pays tribute to a land that seamlessly blends beach and country living. With stunning photos depicting both the natural beauty and elegance of the architecture to be found in this perfect place in south-eastern Uruguay, this is a book not to be missed about a place that must be visited. 

St Barths The stunning Caribbean Island of St Barthelemy is widely refered to as ‘St Barths’ and is brought to life in this new Assouline book. Experience its yacht-filled harbour and streets of luxury shops, its picture-perfect-crystal-clear waters and its peaceful energy in photographs that shimmer with life. This tropical French speaking island, known for encouraging and embodying the easy spirit of life, is tangibly captured in images.