Best Caravan and RV Getaways in Abha & Khobar

Best Caravan and RV Getaways in Abha & Khobar

Editor, Dalia shares some cool caravan and RV sites for fellow camping fans
14 April 23

Words by Dalia Darweesh

Looking to get closer to nature or fancy a weekend of glamping and great scenery?

Campsites with modified recreational vehicles (RVs) are ideal for those looking to drift away from the bustle of city life – and from the usual camping experiences.

Across Saudi, caravan campsites are a growing trend, as they offer unique stays matched with incredible views, and continue a regional heritage of spending time in nature.

If you’re like me, with a heart that belongs in the great outdoors, a body that always seeks comfort, and an eye for enviable vacation spots, then here are some of the kingdom’s best RV campsites I’ve stayed at that you should, too.



Khobar is my hometown, so it was only natural I explore its campervan campsites first. As this is a city renowned for its beaches, I decided to find a spot along the Arabian Gulf, a search that led me to Jcaravans. This site offers comfy vehicles by the sea (literally), making it the perfect getaway, be it for the day or a long weekend. Each RV is spacious enough to host three people, and comes with an outdoor setup that comfortably seats five.

I arrived right before sunset and was immediately sold on the outdoor seating area. Set directly on the shore, it was naturally comfy and the view was of endless water and sand. I could easily see how one could spend hours lounging about, yet I was eager to explore the caravan. As soon as I stepped inside, I was impressed by how clean it was for a beachside stay; no sign of dust or sand anywhere.

My campervan – like all other RVs at the site – was simple yet original, designed by the founder of Jcaravans. There was a lot to like about the space; modern and timeless, with an overall homey vibe to it. I particularly loved the attention to details in the aesthetics, with strategically placed elements that gave the already roomy caravan an even more spacious feel.

In addition, each RV’s bedroom comes with its own dedicated door, so early birds like me can wake up, stretch, and open the door to watch the sunrise from bed. With so much to appreciate, my favourite part about this campsite was definitely the beach setting. There’s truly nothing better than a cool breeze, the sound of waves, and watching the sun rise and set over the sea, an experience that left me smiling and satisfied.

There are a couple of things to consider before booking your stay at Jcaravans: There aren’t many places around that deliver food to the site, so it’s best to bring your own food and drinks; and if you’d like to cook while there, the kitchen is functional but you’ll have to bring cutlery and plates.

Editor's Tip: If you’re looking to avoid crowds and would like some privacy, book your stay on a weekday.

Instagram: @jcaravans
Located in Riyadh and Khobar



While in Abha for a visit, I booked Hassanaya’s Greek Caravan, which comes with a jacuzzi. This was definitely a plus for me, as Abha has year-round, great weather and gets a bit chilly during the winter months. The outdoor area of my caravan was spacious, with a view of a farm in front, and it came with a seating area and a grill, making it the ideal setting to gather with friends and family.

I personally liked the Tiffany Blue of the caravan’s interior, as it gives it a fresh look. The dining area has a kind of diner vibe, which, if you ask me, is quite authentic for an RV. However, the favorite part of my stay at Hassanaya was the setting and the views, a spot with scenic nature, different shades of green, and a beautiful night sky.

Instagram: @hassanaya
Booked through Gatherin app.

Happy Caravan – American Caravan #3

More of a classic RV setup, Happy Caravan is a cozy stay that is also surprisingly spacious. The bed in the RV that I booked – American Caravan #3 – was quite large and comfy, and the space was clean and spotless.

Of course, no campervan experience is fully complete without being in the midst of nature, and my chosen RV was surrounded by greenery and facing a farm, while still providing me with the utmost privacy. If you choose Happy Caravan while in Abha, expect an evening spent in nature and under a starry night sky.

Editors Tip: Always book in advance, as caravan campsites in Abha tend to fill up quickly.

Instagram: @happy_caravan1