Golden Hour: Saudi’s Best Sunset Locations

Golden Hour: Saudi’s Best Sunset Locations

Breath-taking spots to watch the sunset in Saudi Arabia
14 April 23
Sunsets Saudi Image source: saudibuzz

If there’s one thing the world collectively looks forward to every single day, it's the sun setting. There is something about the scenic, engulfing colors that just make every sundown special, even if it’s the same thing you’re watching every day. We’ve put together a list of our favorite sunset spots in Saudi Arabia for you to enjoy. From seaside towns to 300-meter-high cliffs, here are the best spots to catch the twilight.

Edge of the World

Beginning with the star of the show, the Edge of the World is one of the most stunning places in Saudi Arabia to view the sun coming down. The geological marvel located in the northwest of Riyadh boasts of a view like no other on top of 300-meter cliffs overlooking the neighboring prairies. Once you get to the top, you’ll be able to view the horizon, never-ending in all its glory.

Let’s talk logistics: for you to be able to get there you need to have your car, so you can rent one and drive up or join the many group tours available. Some people also prefer to hitchhike up there. Once you are there, be sure to have your camera ready as the moment the sun starts setting, the whole panorama gets filled with a warm golden hue like no other.

Jeddah Corniche

Some locals claim that this spot right here can have some of the most breathtaking sunsets ever. The 30-km corniche boasts of a promenade, the pier, and has many recreational activities around – even open-air museum! Some people also like to fish at the corniche in the early hours of the morning. When the sun sets down, the orange and pink hues cover the sky, as they shimmer and reflect onto the sea. The most interesting backdrop to that would definitely be King Fahd’s fountain, the highest fountain in the world.

Al Disah Valley

Located southwest of Tabuk, this great canyon is truly something to behold. Imagine this scene: Palm trees lined up and perched majestically against cliffs and rock formations. As you sit with the feint sounds of trickling water fades against the other sounds of nature, birds chirping and the rustling of trees, admire the grandiose canyon. The sun is setting and shining across the plain, and all you can think about it how to capture this moment forever. Yes, this is exactly what this sunset feels like.


Situated on the Red Sea, Umluj is a coastal town north of Yanbu. The views are heavenly, and it offers everything from soft sandy beaches to the crystal-clear waters. However, the truly commendable aspect of Umluj is definitely the sunset. Grab a blanket, situate yourself on the beach and get ready for a fascinating show, as there is nothing quite like the sun diving into the ocean after a long day.

Elephant Rock

Tranquility, serenity, and ultimate relaxation at this spot. One of AlUla’s most sought-after places is Elephant Rock. It is best visited after 4 PM, when the sun starts setting and shining onto the nature-carved rock wonder. One word to describe this place: mesmerising. Be sure to bring an extra layer as it does get a bit chilly later on in the evening but trust us, the view is worth it.

Khobar Corniche

Khobar Corniche is made of a boardwalk that allows people to have strolls and enjoy the view - there is a running and jogging path as well. Finding your way around there is pretty easy, you can just go walk the area, sit on the benches or you can have a pleasant picnic on the grass. The mood is almost always serene with the seabirds and slight crashing of the waves.