Don’t Miss Out: Taif Rose Festival 2023

Don’t Miss Out: Taif Rose Festival 2023

These are the events and celebrations you can't miss as the festivities draw to a close
02 May 23
Taif Rose Festival

The Taif Rose Festival is undeniably a welcome celebration of the region's fragrant florals, and 2023 marks the third edition of the festival.

This annual festival is also a significant moment of appreciation for the culture and heritage of the Kingdom.

With the final days of the Taif Rose Festival fast approaching, these are the events and festivities that should be in your diary. From architectural appreciation to food demonstrations and a farmers forum, there is still plenty to see and do at this year's festival.

Taif Rose Festival Forum

A symposium aiming to share the cultural value and significance of Taif roses with the world through trade, the Taif Rose Festival Forum is an important platform for the region's rose industry.

Designed with intent, the forum will serve as an interactive platform, connecting local rose farmers with international brands which will lead to create further investment opportunities for the region and the rose farming industry.

Local rose farmers will have the opportunity to develop and establish direct relationships with significant, international brands, aligning with the theme of this year's forum, entitled 'Rose from Taif - to the World'.

Over 20 speakers from both national and local levels will participate in various dialogue sessions to share their experiences in the perfume industry. Furthermore, the event will feature workshops presented by professionals from different parts of the world and an exhibition of local, international, and regional brands.

May 3 & May 4 (Shawwal 13 & 14), Tickets available via TicketMX

Activites in Al-Rudaff Park

Night Garden

Visit the Night Garden in Al-Rudaff Park, as important identifying elements of the festival are lit up throughout the evening, adding to the unique atmosphere and character of the celebrations.

Daily from 4pm-11.45pm

Food Competitions

From table setting tournaments to live cooking demonstrations, food and foodie experiences are aplenty at the festivities in the Al-Rudaff Park area. There are even events and competitions where the children can get involved.

May 2 (Shawwal 12): Live Cooking Show from 5pm-6pm, Table Setting Competition from 7pm-8pm and Dessert Competition from 9pm-11pm

May 3 (Shawwal 13): Live Cooking Show from 5pm-6pm, Beverage Competition from 7pm-8pm and Saudi Cuisine Competition from 9pm-11pm

May 4 (Shawwal 14): Live Cooking Show from 5pm-6pm, Children's Competition from 7pm-8pm and International Cuisine Competition from 9pm-11pm

May 5 (Shawwal 15): Live Cooking Show from 5pm-6pm, Table Setting Competition from 7pm-8pm and Dessert Competition from 9pm-11pm

Cultural Celebrations in the City

Kaki Palace Light Show

As dusk descends on the city, the Kaki Palace comes alive with light.

A light show will be projected onto the facade of the Al-Kaki Palace; the show will tell the story of two children and a rose seed.

This extraordinary juxtaposition of modern storytelling through projection and light, onto the facade of one of the region's most historic buildings culminates in the cultural importance of the rose.

Daily from 7pm-midnight. Kaki Palace, Al Salamah, Taif 26522

Street Performances

Throughout the 2023 Taif Rose Festival there have been numerous performances across the city and region to mark the cultural significance and convey the importance of the festival.

Artistic performances will take place in several locations to express the identity of the festival through both art and culture. These artistic displays are not to be missed!

The final performances will culminate in three daily shows on May 5, in both King Abdullah Park and on 50th St Walk.

May 5 (Shawwal 15), King Abdullah Park and 50th St Walk, 26523