A birds-eye view of the Al-Fahad Shipwreck

A birds-eye view of the Al-Fahad Shipwreck

A ship wrecked trading vessel that has become a haven for marine life
03 May 23
Al Fahad Shipwreck Image source: Instagram Omer Shahid

The Al-Fahad Shipwreck lies grounded on the Saudi shores approximately 100 kilometres from Jeddah.

Originally named Motor Vessel (MV) Free Enterprise III, this working ship from Dover in the United Kingdom was launched more than 55 years ago in 1966, before running aground.

In 1986, the ship was purchased by a Saudi Arabian trading company and renamed MV Al-Fahad, and it traveled between Jeddah and the Suez Canal.

Despite a few setbacks that saw the ship laid up on numerous occasions, the ship continued to work until running aground in the reefed shallows of Jeddah's shoreline sometime between 2003-4.

The MV Al-Fahad has remained in-situ ever since, and has become a go-to location for scuba divers and maritime enthusiasts.

Once a heavy duty trading ship, the massive 385ft vessel now has a new lease of life, and is home to a wide variety of sea creatures and marine life.

Check out the incredible aerial views of the wreckage from Saudi video creator Omer Shahid:

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Lead Image via Instagram Omer Shahid