Making The Cover: A Photographer’s Love for Jeddah

Making The Cover: A Photographer’s Love for Jeddah

The photographer behind our cover shoot tells us why she loves shooting in her neighbourhood
10 May 23
List Magazine Launch Issue

Lina Mohammad (known professionally as Lina Mo) is a talented fashion photographer and cover artist based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

With her unique art style, Lina effortlessly blends traditional Saudi culture with contemporary, experimental modern art. Her work has garnered international attention and has been exhibited and published in various publications worldwide, including Elle and Harper's Bazaar.

Here, Lina tells us why she loves shooting in Jeddah, the inspiration she draws from the city's vibrant culture and architecture, and shares some never-before-seen images from our cover shoot.

“It’s basically a scene out of Aladdin.” 

The Old Jeddah area is famous for its souk. Complete with narrow alleys and local food carts and merchants, one is transported back in time once they enter the city center’s walls. 

“The locals are extra!” 

Contrary to what many may believe, Jeddawi locals love to be photographed—and many locals will volunteer to be an extra in your Tiktok reel!

Pro Tip: Make sure to ask before you shoot.

“The architecture is a photographer’s dream.” 

In 7th century AD, the UNESCO World Heritage Site was established as a major port for Indian Ocean trade routes, channelling goods to Mecca. It was also the gateway for Muslim pilgrims to Mecca who arrived by sea.

These twin roles saw the city develop into a thriving multicultural centre, characterised by a distinctive architectural tradition, including tower houses built in the late 19th century by the city’s mercantile elites, and combining Red Sea coastal coral building traditions with influences and crafts from along the trade routes.

Meet the talented team of creatives who brought our magazine cover to life:

Creative DirectorMarriam Mossalli

Art DirectorMaryam Nawawi

PhotographerLina Mo

Assistant Photographer Mohammed Jojo

Model Alanoud Al Turki

Stylist Ninorta Malke

Assistant Stylist Tahani

HMUA Najla Zainy

Production Manager Hala Al-Abdali