Experience private cinema suites at the world's most luxe movie theatre

Experience private cinema suites at the world's most luxe movie theatre

Via Riyadh will be home to a brand new, luxury cinema experience from VOX Cinemas
11 May 23
Via Riyadh Renaissance Theatre

Said to be the world's 'most luxurious cinema', VOX Cinemas will bring something a little different to Riyadh's newest dining, shopping and entertainment destination — Via Riyadh.

Since the re-opening of cinemas in Saudi Arabia in 2018, VOX Cinemas have opened more than 15 cinemas across the Kingdom. And, The Renaissance Theatre, will now allow movie lovers to encounter seven different luxury cinema experiences under one roof at Via Riyadh.

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This state-of-the-art movie theatre will offer visitors seven different cinema experiences, and six different private cinema suites, each with a different layout, interior theme and distinct luxury touches. For film enthusiasts, movie lovers and the casual cinema-goer, The Renaissance Theatre is set to offer cinema experiences like no other.

Challenge your imagination and book a seat at the Interstellar Theatre. Although not a private cinema, this boutique 22-seater, cinema screen will offer movie showings where cutting-edge technology and comfort are combined, making for a groundbreaking movie experience.

Discover a truly unique cinema experience, and catch the world's biggest blockbuster launches at The Renaissance Theatre's private cinema suites.

The Avant Garde cinema suite offers a unique and cosy vibe perfect for watching a flick, with four deluxe double beds in lieu of traditional cinema seating means that this will be a truly luxurious experience.

Find a combination of fun and relaxation at the Oasis suite. Perfect for a family, or a group of up to 20 guests, this cinema experience has relaxed and informal seating alongside two ball-pits to keep the kids occupied. There are also two private bathrooms available.

If you're looking for true opulence, the Orient Express cinema room merges old-school luxury seating and interiors with top-of-the-range cinema screens and surround sound systems. The perfect movie experience for up to 16 guests.

Available to book in three hour blocks, The Secret Garden room is decorated with an indoor-outdoor feel, and has an array seating options for 18 guests from large luxury recliner seats, lay-down style nest loungers and comfy beanbags.

A more communal vibe, ideal for a large group of friends or a work get-together, the Wall Street cinema room has large bench-style shared seating, and pod tables for balancing those all-important cinema snacks.

Old-meets-new, the Tuwaiq cinema suite is decorated in a traditional Arabic style, with majilis style seating area. This suite offers movie lovers an elevated home-cinema experience.

Hungry? Don't worry, there is a full range of drinks, snacks and meals available including a Pan-Asian menu, an Arabic menu and traditional cinema delights.

Don't miss out on these unforgettable cinematic experiences at Via Riyadh!

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2941, 8425, 12912 Al Hada, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia