Via Riyadh blends traditional architecture with modern purpose

Via Riyadh blends traditional architecture with modern purpose

Combining true luxury with traditional architectural charm, the Via Riyadh development is a love letter to an era goneby
11 May 23
Via Riyadh Image source: Instagram Via Riyadh

A modern, premium shopping, dining and entertainment destination in the heart of the Kingdom's capital, Via Riyadh might be fast-tracking into the future but the venue has firm foundations and maintains a link with the region's traditional past.

Set to become the city's go-to destination for luxury dining and designer shopping, Via Riyadh acknowledges the importance of the region's past through traditional architectural styling.

With the tagline — 'the world’s premier destination for experiencing luxury, steeped in local tradition and heritage' — the importance of maintaining some traditional aspects of historic Salmani architecture, is truly evident.

Salmani design is traditionally defined by six core values; authenticity, continuity, human-centricity, livability, innovation and sustainability. Said to allow flexibility, this local architectural style encourages architects and construction companies to innovate and conceive modern style aesthetics within the confines of traditional elements such as materials.

Via Riyadh embodies the seamless fusion of modern, aesthetic elements such as large windows and lighting projections with more authentic, local architectural principles such as the use of limestone on the venue's signature sloped façades, selected from the Tuwaiq mountain region.

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2941, 8425, 12912 Al Hada, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia