NEOM The Line Exhibition extended into the summer

NEOM The Line Exhibition extended into the summer

Following a successful launch in 2022, the free exhibit has been extended until August
16 May 23
NEOM The Line

NEOM The Line Exhibition has been extended until August 25.

This will be welcome news for anyone seeking a sneak peek inside one of the Kingdom's future forward, elaborate and awe-inspiring giga-project, The Line.

The Line, a 170 kilometre-long, linear city is set to revolutionise urban living, whilst preserving the natural environment and eco-systems. With no roads, cars or carbon emissions, the linear city will run on sustainable and renewable energy sources.

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Expected to eventually be home to almost nine million people, the city will be considered a 'twenty-minute city' due to the ease of movement within the impressive infrastructure. Furthermore, The Line will offer residents and workers an immersive nature-focussed environment and year-round enjoyable climate, whilst being at the forefront of technological and structural innovation.

The exhibition opened at Jeddah's Superdome in August 2022, and toured around the nation and has been located in Riyadh's Jax District since November 2022.

Hosted by the Diriyah Biennale Foundation, NEOM The Line Exhibition will run until August 25 this year.

Guests will be able to view detailed designs of The Line through architectural models and line drawings, and informative films explaining the project in all its glory.

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Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday 3pm-11pm and Saturday 11am-9pm.
Jax District, Al Diriyah, Riyadh 13732
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