MWAZ: Luxury shopping meets cutting-edge digital technology

MWAZ: Luxury shopping meets cutting-edge digital technology

Open at Via Riyadh, MWAZ will serve as a hub for exploring the boundaries of fashion, encouraging experimentation and creativity
15 May 23
MWAZ Via Riyadh

Ready to enter the phygital world at Via Riyadh?

Concept store MWAZ is taking on one of the newest approaches to shopping. The store will bridge the connection between the physical and digital (phygital) shopping experiences by leveraging technology and exclusive interaction experiences to seamlessly merge the virtual and real worlds.

With exposed, high ceilings, chrome panelling, interesting mannequin displays, massive digital screens and the cool use of fluorescent lighting - get ready to step into the future as you enter MWAZ.

This captivating and dynamic fashion store blends fashion, technology, and art, and will offer shoppers a truly experiential and innovative shopping experience.

Set to showcase contemporary international brands through to more boutique luxury collections, MWAZ will be home to much sought-after fashion labels such as Coperni, Khaite NY, Taller Marmo and Christopher Esber. With these international brands available, MWAZ will likely become a go-to location for anyone seeking the hottest designs straight off the runway.

Shoppers can expect something different with every visit, as the store will constantly transform with massive digital screens and clever displays, to art showcases, limited edition collections, activations and a number of exciting, in-store pop-ups.

Discover different brands, designers and fashion houses under three very different themes. With three uniquely designed spaces, these themes will celebrate the intersection of fashion, art and technology, all under one roof.

Under the theme of THRILL, the MWAZ team will unveil a space dedicated to the unique style and sub-culture of streetwear. Exciting and experiential modern designers will be hosted under the theme of VISIONS as they become visionaries of the future of fashion. Whilst the RARITIES curation will boast a number of fashion labels associated with chic, high-end elegance.

Luxury shopping and the advancements of digital age technology will collide at MWAZ to create a unique, experiential journey like no other.

Open Saturday - Thursday 10am - midnight and Friday 2pm - midnight
First Floor, Via Riyadh, 2941, 8425, 12912 Al Hada, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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