Oscar winning director to film new blockbuster in Saudi Arabia

Oscar winning director to film new blockbuster in Saudi Arabia

Filming is expected to begin in Saudi's new NEOM region early in 2024
18 May 23
NEOM Image source: Shutterstock: almozinisaleh

Internationally renowned, Oscar award-winning Irish movie director Terry George will lead the filming of brand new Hollywood blockbuster, 'Riverman' in Saudi Arabia.

Although casting for Riverman is still in progress, the official set for the new movie has been confirmed as the Kingdom's newly developed creative, production hub of the NEOM region.

Terry George is the distinguished director behind moving and notable films such as In the Name of the Father (1994), Hotel Rwanda (2004) and The Promise (2016).

Filming of the action movie is expected to begin in the Tabuk region in January 2024.

Telling a gripping tale based on real-life events that took place between 2001 and 2008, Riverman will follow Max, an esteemed Royal Marine during the Afghanistani war. The decorated soldier comes to life-changing crossroads after a series of tragic events unfold, and plunges into the morally ambiguous world of arms dealing.

As he embarks on this treacherous and murky path, Max soon realises that his extensive special training in handling dangerous situations pales in comparison to the real, cut-throat world of supplying weapons to international private armies. Max will be seduced by money, wealth and power, but also face unimaginable challenges, testing his loyalty, integrity, and survival instincts - but will he survive it all?

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With a bevvy of exceptional and experienced talent available locally, and incredible state-of-the-art sound and filming technology to hand it is unsurprising that NEOM has been the location of choice for more than 30 different international productions over the last 18 months.

NEOM has provided the backdrop for features such as acclaimed Saudi production Within Sand and Shahrukh Khan's latest Bollywood movie Dunki, to Captain America, Desert Warrior, Rise of the Witches and more.