An installation of marshmallow clouds in Diriyah - AI art or real life?

An installation of marshmallow clouds in Diriyah - AI art or real life?

Traditional meets futuristic, this art installation only adds to the charm of Diriyah's old town area, but is it real?
30 May 23
Diriyah Future Bedouin

Are we being genuinely deceived by the increasing realism of AI-generated art? Our Editorial Team almost got caught out...

Sitting north-west of Riyadh, Diriyah has been long-recognised as the ancestral home of Saudi Royal Family.

In 2010, the region's At-Turaif area was acknowledged as a location of cultural significance by UNESCO, joining just five other locations in Saudi Arabia as an official UNESCO Heritage Site.

UNESCO: At-Turaif District in ad-Dir'iyah (Saudi Arabia) © Ameen Qaisran

Diriyah and the At-Turaif district is already an iconic (and very photogenic) location with the traditional sandstone and mud-brick architecture of authentic Najdi-style — this much we know, is solid, verified and most definitely true information.


An Instagram post we spotted online excited the entire office and piqued the Editorial Team's content-centric interest.

Published by an artist known as Future Bedoin: pillowy, inflatable, pastel-coloured, pom-pom clouds decorated a number of areas of old town Diriyah. Entitled 'Harmony Heights: A Pastel Oasis in Diriyah', the images depict people sitting on and walking within the ice-cream-esque installations.

The distinctly modern need to be the first to share, at the forefront of everyones mind, whether it be for their own online and social clout, or for the sake of great online and magazine content.


This is where things start to get fuzzy.

There would be pictures and videos would be all over Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, but there isn't... Again, we asked ourselves, surely we would have heard about this inflatable installation take over?

The artist's Instagram account showcases an array of exquisitely beautiful and captivating pastel shapes that adorn various spots within Diriyah's historic town. These photo-ready installations can be seen scattered throughout the area, adding charm to the scenery, including the spaces between buildings and even along staircases.

The Insta-appealing and alluring artistry was shared online by an incredible creative, who goes by the name of Future Bedouin.

With almost 14,000 followers on Instagram, the artist has shared countless images of other inflatable 'pop-ups' in locations such as AlUla, the deserts of Dubai to downtown Doha.

The nine image Instagram carousel began to raise our suspicions, and we spotted a few (more) red flags... Tagged photos were minimal. A zoom in on the figures in the images reveal murky and blurred facial features, a few oddly positioned limbs and a several human-like figures with un-natural postures.

We were (sadly) beginning to think that these installations in Diriyah old town was AI art at its finest, as opposed to real life...

With some research, we discovered that some of these incredible AI art creations do eventually end up as real-life inflatable art experiences.

However, this particular Diriyah installation is still solely in the AI phase, awaiting a sponsor to bring it to life. We're hoping this happens sooner rather than later, because this idea is bold and creative.


Future Bedouin's mesmerising skill in crafting thought-provoking art and visually striking AI-enhanced art installations is showcased vividly in their latest creation depicting the old town of Diriyah.

The astonishing realism of their artwork is so close to perfect that it has the ability to trick almost anyone into believing that it truly exists. The captivating art takeover in question portrays a remarkable fusion of beauty and technological innovation, blurring the lines between reality and artistry in a truly remarkable way.

Instagram: Future Bedouin

With this in mind, it's clear that the boundaries between AI art and traditional art are rapidly blurring, leaving us all in a realm where it becomes increasingly challenging to differentiate between the two. With advancements in artificial intelligence, algorithms can now create stunning visual masterpieces, compelling music compositions, and thought-provoking literary works.

Nevertheless, Future Bedouin collaborates closely with brands and investors to facilitate the realisation of these remarkable AI creations, allowing them to be experienced and appreciated in a tangible way.

The emergence of AI-generated art challenges our pre-conceived notions about creativity and raises questions about the essence of human expression. As AI art continues to evolve, pushing the limits of realism and innovation, we find ourselves contemplating the very definition of "real" art and the profound impact technology has on shaping the artistic landscape of our time.

Visit Future Bedouin to discover more about these installations, right here.

All Images via Instagram Future Bedouin