Seeing Double: Hong Kong's giant 'rubber duck' returns

Seeing Double: Hong Kong's giant 'rubber duck' returns

Not one, but two giant inflatable yellow ducks are set to become Hong Kong's most iconic art installations
29 May 23
Hong Kong Rubber Duck Image source: Instagram: Double Ducks Official

In 2013, Hong Kong became home to a humungous, 16.5meter-high yellow inflatable 'rubber' duck.

The eye-catching conceptual art piece was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

However, much to the dismay of locals and tourists alike, after just two weeks in the city's Victoria Harbour, the Big Yellow Duck became a very deflated duck, with suspicions of foul play swirling.

Instagram: Double Ducks Official

In a partnership between AllRightsReserved (ARR), a Hong Kong based creative brand and the original Big Yellow Duck creator Florentijn Hofman, there is something big and yellow on the horizon.

To mark the ten year anniversary of the original Big Yellow Duck, it was announced on Instagram that the famous bright yellow inflatable will be dipping back into the waters of Hong Kong —along with its new found friend.

These new ducks are said to be significantly larger than the original 16.5 meter, and will be towed from a dockyard in Tsing Yi to Admiralty, which is almost directly opposite to the initial Victoria Harbour location, and is situated on the Hong Kong Island side of the city.

As Hong Kong opens it's boarders to tourism again, these impressive art installations are likely to flood your social feeds for the summer. More information on the inflatable art piece will be announced on June 1.

We're seeing double (ducks).

From June 1, Admiralty, Hong Kong Island