No Excuses: Introducing Japan's anti-procrastination cafe

No Excuses: Introducing Japan's anti-procrastination cafe

This cafe provides a distraction free haven for those with a tight deadline and a short attention span
07 August 23
Anti Procrastination Cafe Japan

Procrastination: Def (noun) - the action of delaying or postponing something.

Ah, procrastination. We've all experienced it.

Although not a new concept, procrastination is something that creeps into every day life for employees, students, self-starers and all sorts of other creatives. And, slowly but surely, procrastination is becoming an increasingly obvious barrier to modern employees, particularly those who work from home.

It's often difficult to overcome the very natural tendency to postpone essential tasks or projects, and this can be the results of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and lacking the motivation required to tackle the project at hand.


Working from home, an office or a shared working space is often perceived as the 'correct environment' for completing tasks, however, these locations may also give way to distractions: whether its the dishwasher that needs to be emptied, children that need attention or fellow procrastinating colleagues hoping for a conversation. But, this is not always the case - often these distractions, or seemingly menial tasks offer our brain an escape from the impending and looming deadline.

However, there is a cafe in the vibrant, fast paced city of Tokyo aiming to eliminate (or at least tackle) procrastination.

Enter the Manuscript Writing Cafe.

Perched on the corner of a busy intersection in the bustling Koenji neighbourhood is a cosy cafe that is proudly a self-proclaimed 'anti-procrastination' sanctuary.

A favourite with local creatives and anyone with a tight deadline since its opening in early 2022, this cute ten-seater cafe goes beyond the usual offering of a good vibe and wifi. For the price of a cup of coffee, you'll be able to access a fast wifi connection and the staff at Manuscript Writing Cafe will ensure you complete your task before the day is out - you even sign a contract saying you won't leave until you've completed a declared piece of work.

Cafe goers and procrastinators can choose their level of pressure or interference from staff, ranging from mild, normal or hard. Depending on your choice, the staff will be more observant and strict on you, to ensure you reach your goal.


Committed to ensuring your productivity, the staff will check in every thirty minutes or so to check the progress you have made on your declared piece of work. There are no excuses here; the wifi connection runs at top-speeds, the high stool seating ensures you don't get too comfortable, the coffee will keep you alert and there are numerous docking ports, cooling laptop stands and accesses to plugs, alongside AC during the summer months.

In essence, the Manuscript Writing Cafe is a refuge for the modern mind, a space where procrastination's grip is loosened, and the pursuit of productivity is embraced with open arms. Whether you're seeking an oasis of focus, an escape from daily disturbances, or a collaborative environment that fuels your creative drive, this Tokyo gem stands ready to usher you into a realm of enhanced efficiency and accomplishment.

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