Netflix searches for emerging female Arab film-makers

Netflix searches for emerging female Arab film-makers

Aiming to foster talent in the Gulf Region, Netflix has collaborated with the the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture to create an exclusive program
14 August 23
Arab Fund for Arts and Culture & Netflix

The iconic streaming platform, Netflix has created an initiative dedicated to nurturing up-and-coming female talent, with the primary objective of imparting comprehensive knowledge about the creative journey of film making.

Together with the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), Netflix will offer an exclusive program for just forty-five female film graduates from universities across Saudi Arabia and a number of other locations such as Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

The program will include workshops by established female Arab screenwriters and film makers on script writing and character development, in addition to the various creative process of filmmaking. These workshops will take place over three days, in November across various locations including Cairo, Jeddah and Dubai.

In addition to participating in a focussed and guided program to hone the natural skills and talents of these forward-thinking female film makers, there will also be an opportunity for these 45 participants to visit the European Netflix production and development hub.

Interested in applying for a spot on this program?

Eligibility for this opportunity extends to women between the ages of 21 and 27 who have completed their studies in film and are currently residing in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE or Egypt. For those interested, the application period begins from this week, Thursday August 17 and will remain open until September 8. This application portal will be accessible through the AFAC website from August 17.

Throughout September, a panel of independent, external experts will diligently assess all applications and choose the forty-five lucky participants for this unique program. Successful candidates will be notified on October 17.