This piece of Saudi eco-art has achieved international recognition

This piece of Saudi eco-art has achieved international recognition

An interesting and creative art piece that combines artistic expression and environmental awareness
22 August 23
Jeddah Eco Art

A unique piece of 'eco-art', created by Saudi Arabian environmentalist, Khuloud Al Fadhli has gained international recognition, achieving a place in the Guinness World Records for 2023.

Created re-using approximately 400,000 plastic bottle caps, this elongated art piece was created and started by Khuloud Al Fadhli and was completed with the help of a number of supporters and volunteers of the Friends of the Jeddah Municipality.

According to Director-General of the Social Responsibility Department, Hatan Hammoudeh, the mural created by reusing and recycling plastic bottle tops that were due to be trashed. The project's creation and installation took more than 8 months to complete, and stretches an impressive 383 metres.

The mural depicts Jeddah alongside other cities and various elements of Saudi society. The eco art piece aims to promote environmental preservation alongside the importance and need for community focussed social responsibility to tackle proper waste disposal and encourage environmental awareness.

The Guinness World Records for 2023 acknowledged the mural as being the world's largest mural made from plastic sheeting.

The bottle tops were salvaged from waste or were donated by school children who helped to collect for the project. These bottle tops were then glued to large sheets of plastic using a cement-type glue to ensure the longevity of the piece, and reduce the impact of environmental factors on the piece over time.