Capturing Culture: Oud House will foster traditional Arabic music

Capturing Culture: Oud House will foster traditional Arabic music

The new Riyadh based centre will help those interested learn how to play traditional Arabic instruments
23 August 23
Oud House, Riyadh

A brand new centre for learning, Oud House is a new cultural project recently developed and launched in association with Saudi Music Commission to encourage the nation to learn and preserve the traditional music

At the heart of this innovative learning centre lies a commitment to nurturing and preserving the timeless facets of Arabic music.

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The Oud House is set to provide an enriching platform encompassing an array of educational offerings, including immersive workshops, comprehensive lessons, and engaging lectures, all centred around the multifaceted realm of traditional Arabic music.

Under the tutoring and guidance of maestro Naseer Shamma, this project will cater to not only to established musicians but also warmly welcomes those with genuine interest in Arabic music. Through a curated curriculum, participants will delve deep into the world of classic Arabic instruments such as the oud, duf, bezek, rebab, and the mizmar. Students will also learn how to play Arabic music and tunes on other instruments such as the flute, cello and violin.

By embracing these instruments, learners will be embarking on a journey that connects them with the timeless heritage of Arabic music, a heritage that holds a profound significance in the context of our local culture.

As we move forward in the era of Vision 2030, the initiative behind the Oud House resonates harmoniously with the overarching objectives of preserving and celebrating our indigenous customs.

A pivotal aspect of Vision 2030, which places considerable emphasis on upholding traditional Saudi culture and practices, is the conscious embrace of our rich local heritage. This newly established centre of music and learning, aligns seamlessly with these fundamental goals of the nation, serving as a stronghold where the traditional elements of Arabic music can flourish and evolve. By doing so, it not only contributes to the conservation of our cultural legacy but also bolsters the larger aspirations of Vision 2030 by ensuring that our heritage remains an integral part of our nation's journey towards progress and modernisation.

Registration is open from August 22 - September 21,
Oud House, Riyadh.

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