AlUla Wellness Festival 2023: Enter a new realm of relaxation this autumn

AlUla Wellness Festival 2023: Enter a new realm of relaxation this autumn

Rediscover yourself through yoga, meditation, culinary workshops and other refreshing experiences in the sanctuary of AlUla
28 August 23
AlUla Wellness Festival 2023

This October, the AlUla Wellness Festival will return to the region for a third consecutive series.

After the excitement of September's high-energy Azimuth 2023 music festival, AlUla will aim to focus on relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration with an almost month-long wellness series.

This year's edition of the AlUla Wellness Festival will centre around the therapeutic potential of silence, alongside art, and nature. The event will showcase a diverse group of leading wellness professionals from the industry, all committed to crafting rejuvenating and all-encompassing encounters for attendees.

Running from October 19 through to November 4, the third edition of the AlUla Wellness Festival will aim to encompass all the senses through meditation, yoga, adventure and flavours.

The 'Five Senses Sanctuary' experiences that was hosted in previous editions is set to return. Aiming to engage all the senses of visitors through daily wellness activities and workshops including sound bath and sound healing, yoga, meditation and fitness sessions. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage in live culinary class and musical events. Guided by renowned international specialists, these classes and gatherings are available for both single-day attendees and those seeking a more immersive and transformative journey.

For those seeking a more intense wellness experience, a number of 'detox packages' will be made available in three and five day workshops. These guided detox packages will combine fitness and wellness with luxurious spa treatments, to create a cleansed and rejuvenated experience for attendees.

AlUla Maraya

Couples aiming to reconnect will be able to avail of curated couples retreat packages. The couples courses will include a number of sessions with a specialised therapist in order to restore and revitalise your relationship with your significant other. Bond through adventures, new experiences and some individual work.

Throughout the AlUla Wellness Festival 2023, the famous mirrored Maraya will host several concerts. These are yet to be announced, but we are excited for the line up reveal.

AlUla Wellness Festival 2023, October 19 to November 4.