Marafy: 11km of canal ways will create a new destination in Jeddah

Marafy: 11km of canal ways will create a new destination in Jeddah

30 August 23
Jeddah: Marafy Canal Giga Project

Saudi Arabia has become synonymous with phrase 'giga-projects'.

This phrase has been the name given to projects of enormous size, that are considered 'once in a generation'. Most Saudi-driven mega projects or giga projects aim to create and develop brand new cities or urbanised areas with incomprehensible scale and futuristic characteristics that the entire world is enthraled.

And, a brand new giga project has just been announced for Jeddah.

Marafy Jeddah will be located just north of Jeddah's city centre, and will create a brand new urban area. Unveiled by Roshn Group this week, Marafy will be an innovative mixed-use project. The new city area is set to accommodate more than 130,000 residents.

The main feature of this new Marafy area will be a central 11-kilometre man made canal way, that promises a transformative urban experience for visitors and residents. The area will offer a balance of residential and leisure facilities.

Extending and connecting to Obhur Creek, the 11km stretch of canal will spread approximately 100m wide, encircling new and distinct districts.

Jeddah's brand new waterfront plan has been likened to similar man-made water ways in Stockholm, Chicago and Central London.

Marafy will be connected and interlinked with water-taxis, a new metro line, various bus routes and there will be a direct connection to King Abdulaziz International Airport via canal.

Each giga project aims to achieve an element or all elements of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, including creating numerous job opportunities for both locals and international talent, continued development of the tourism sector and offering an enhanced lifestyle whilst growing and diversifying the economy.

NEOM, The Red Sea Project, Amaala, Diriyah Gate and Riyadh's North Pole Project are all examples of the multi-million dollar projects currently underway throughout Saudi Arabia.