The Phantom of the Opera to debut in Saudi next year

The Phantom of the Opera to debut in Saudi next year

Straight from Broadway, the world famous musical is set to entertain audiences in Riyadh
05 September 23
Riyadh: Phantom of the Opera

Taking to the stage for the first time in the Kingdom, the award-winning musical will enchant Saudi audiences for a limited run this autumn.

The venue for the anticipated performance has been conformed as The Arena Riyadh Venue for Exhibitions.

This year, The Phantom of the Opera musical will celebrate 37 years of touring stages around the world, and for the very first time Saudi audiences will experience the musical right here, in the Kingdom.

The Phantom of the Opera musical is based on the novel by French author Gaston Leroux, Le Fantôme de l'Opéra. The musical was developed by internationally renowned musician Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Richard Stilgoe, who also wrote the script and scored the music, alongside lyricists Charles Hart and Stilgoe.

The Phantom of the Opera is a timeless tale of obsession, love, and tragedy set in the grand Paris Opera House. Within its labyrinth-like catacombs lives a disfigured musical genius, the Phantom, who becomes captivated by the ethereal voice of Christine, a young and talented soprano. As he secretly tutors her, his passion for her turns into an all-consuming obsession.

Meanwhile, Christine falls for Raoul, a handsome nobleman, triggering a perilous love triangle that sets the stage for a haunting and suspenseful story of dark secrets, unrequited love, and the power of music. This classic story explores the depths of human emotion and the enduring allure of the mysterious and the forbidden.

The musical has been performed in more than 15 different languages for international audiences around the world, including in French, German, Japanese, Korean and Polish.

More than 130 cast members are directly involved with the performance, including stage dressers, lighting experts, actors and musicians. Throughout the performance there are 22 full scene changes, 281 candles lit and more the 250kg of dry ice is used in the fog and smoke machines, to ensure that audiences are captivated from beginning to end. And, each performance of the musical features 230 costumes.

October 14 - December 5. The Arena Riyadh Venue for Exhibitions, Riyadh