Everything we know about the return of NEOM Beach Games

Everything we know about the return of NEOM Beach Games

International competitors will go head-to-head in five dynamic sporting events in the mega-city this October
06 September 23
NEOM Beach Games 2023

The NEOM Beach Games have been confirmed to return for a second edition this October.

NEOM is one of Saudi Arabia's most ambitious mega-city projects. With works already well underway in the area, the region is a visionary endeavour poised to redefine the boundaries of human innovation and sustainability, merging cutting edge technology with the natural environment to create unparalleled residential urban planning, entertainment and tourism experiences. NEOM is committed to ensuring and fostering a more sustainable future for generations to come.

This is where the best of the best beach, triathlon and climbing athletes come together to intensely compete against each other to be determined champions of their sport.

When does this event take place?

Kicking off on October 21 and ending on November 24, the NEOM Beach Games 2023 will run for just over one month.

Showcasing a prestigious lineup of international sporting events will take place, with more than 800 global athletes from 25 different countries competing, this is set to be yet another exciting year of professional beach activities.

Which sporting events will occur in the NEOM Beach Games 2023?

The NEOM Beach Games 2023 will showcase five thrilling sports: the finales of the Super League Triathlon NEOM, NEOM Beach Soccer Cup, NEOM FIBA 3x3 Challenger 2023, NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia, and NEOM IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) Masters.

Can I attend this year's NEOM Beach Games?

This year's edition of the NEOM Beach Games will unfortunately not be open to the public to attend. In attendance will be competitors, NEOM representatives and NEOM volunteers, alongside the relevant teams supporting each country.

However, each sporting event will be broadcast through a live stream both nationally and internationally, making it easily accessible to all online and on television.

Let's take a look at what the schedule will be for this world-class sporting event.

October 21: Super League Triathlon Finale 2023

Beginning with an end, the NEOM Beach Games will kick off with the finale of the Super League Triathlon, a test of speed, endurance and most of all - mindset.

This will be the Grand Finale of the Championship Series, where approximately 40 athletes will complete against each other in the short course triathlon known as the Enduro format. The course will be repeated three times, and includes a 300-metre swim, four-kilometre bike and 1.6-kilometre run.

Ras Al-Sheikh Hameed, NEOM

October 25 - 28: NEOM Beach Soccer Cup 2023

Battling it out over four days, international teams will compete against each other in this miniature, fast-paced beach soccer competition.

Taking place throughout the heat of the day into the evening, this competition will test the strategy and team gameplay. Beach soccer is now a sport that is officially recognised by FIFA and more than 300 competitive games of beach soccer take place each year.

Games Hub on Gayal Peninsular, NEOM

November 2 - 4: NEOM FIBA 3x3 Challenger 2023

FIBA is a derivative of French term, Fédération Internationale de Basketball. But, what is it? This is an intense, fast-paced, three on three game of basketball: half a basketball court, one hoop and six players - this is FIBA.

With a backdrop of the sandy beaches of the Gayal Pennisular, twelve teams will play against each other, with just one being able claim the title of NEOM FIBA 3x3 champions of 2023.

Games Hub on Gayal Peninsular, NEOM

November 14 - 17: NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia

Set to take place across four of the regions most challenging locations with tough terrains, the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia.

This is a race far beyond being a mere mountain bike race, this is four-day endurance test. Competitors will pursue each other over the course of 400km, which will include a 3,500m elevation gain, rendering this race one of the most uniquely prestigious competitions for glory.

Various locations throughout NEOM

November 22 - 24: NEOM IFSC Masters

In this International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) sanctioned competition, spectators and competitors can expect two days of challenging speed climbs up a 49ft climbing wall, all against the backdrop of the NEOM mountains.

The NEOM IFSC Masters is also a brand new addition to the line up of sports for the NEOM Beach Games 2023, and is set to add an exciting and limitless competition to the games.

NEOM’s Mountain Camp

NEOM Beach Games 2023, from October 21 to November 24,