Saudi Museum Commission to host an exclusive museum management program

Saudi Museum Commission to host an exclusive museum management program

This month, Al-Mashtal Creative Space will host a unique program focused on elevating understanding in the preservation and curation of cultural artefacts
06 September 23
Riyadh: AlMashtal Creative Space

For five days from September 17 through to September 21, the Saudi capital will host an exclusive training and museum management program at the Al-Mashtal Creative Space.

This five day course will be hosted by the Saudi Arabian Museum Commission, in partnership with preservation and curation experts from the EU delegation.

Over the course of five days, the program will encompass a range of topics, including the creation of inventory lists, documentation practices, and the preservation of art collections within museum settings.

Participants will be led by both local and international museum and curation experts. The course will encompass restoration and preservation, preparing documentation and inventory, archiving and the principles behind it alongside other topics such as digital documentation and cataloging.

The course will also explore the various careers and unique roles linked to preservation, curation and museum management.

In 2021, the Saudi Arabian Museum Commission unveiled a visionary strategy aimed at revolutionising the museum sector in the nation. This strategy encompasses ambitious plans that go beyond mere expansion, focusing on both increasing the quantity and diversifying the range of museums across the entire Kingdom.

As the nation moves closer to 2030, the strategic implementation of the pillars of Vision 2030 come to the fore. With this in mind, the preservation of historical artefacts and cultural heritage sites and articles plays an important role in the creation and development of a vibrant society, and acknowledging and respecting our historical and cultural past, and the international significance of the Kingdom's heritage.

In tandem with Vision 2030 and the Museum Commission's strategy, the ultimate goal is to draw in a larger number of visitors while concurrently enriching and fortifying the nation's cultural identity. This transformative approach is set to leave a lasting impact on the Kingdom's cultural landscape and significantly contribute to its heritage and identity.

Al-Mashtal Creative Space, Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh
From September 17 - 21