Riyadh Season 2023: All the zones to visit this season

Riyadh Season 2023: All the zones to visit this season

With old favourites returning with revamped features, and several new zones opening, we're excited for Riyadh Season to begin
19 September 23
Riyadh Season 2023

Riyadh Season 2023 is just about to kick off, and we're diving into the details of this year's celebrations.

The development of new zones, the redevelopment and revamping of the most popular permanent zones and in introduction of brand new experiences, events and new dining options.

Returning Zones

Boulevard City

Returning a pivotal centre for celebrations during Boulevard City will be returning once again, with a few exciting updates and changes. 60% of the events and experiences at Boulevard City will be new, the area includes shops, event spaces and dining experiences.

Boulevard City will include new experiences such as 'Barbie World'; a unique Barbie exhibit showcasing great pink, sparkly and Barbie-inspired Instagram opportunities and of course you'll also be able to view some Barbie-inspired works of art.

Other family friendly experiences will include Blippi Wonders where the children's character Blippi comes to life for an educational show, the Disney Castle will be a magical centrepiece to celebrate 100 years of the iconic animation house, an interesting VR experience will be hosted by House of Hype and if you're really looking to get the adrenalin pumping, Five Nights at Freddy's is a thrilling, terrifying and electrifying escape experience.

Boulevard City will also be the destination for any avid boxing fans, or those wishing to learn more about the sport, as for the first time, the zone will be the location of a Mike Tyson designed boxing and striking gymnasium.

Football fans will also be in good company as the Legend Museum also opens in the newly revamped Boulevard City zone. Dedicated solely to football, fans will be able to see more than 30,000 iconic items, artefacts and exhibition pieces upon their visit to this new museum. And, what would football be without Cristiano Ronaldo? To celebrate the world's champion and the nation's newest resident, the football superstar will have a museum dedicated to his football journey, undeniable skill and legendary status. The CR7 museum will showcase the sportsman throughout his lifetime.

Boulevard World

Boulevard World is also returning for the 2023 edition of Riyadh Season.

Further development on the site has been completed and as a result, the Boulevard World zone has expanded by 40%.

Discover a world within a world as you wander different stalls and markets, taste cuisines from countries and get involved in some of the fun and interactive experiences that will only be found at the Boulevard World zone.

The area will include the largest shopping area in Riyadh Season with 1,180 stores, 120 different restaurants and cafes for when you're feeling peckish, numerous artistic and musical performances and plenty entertainment.

The Groves

The Groves is set to return to Riyadh Season 2023 once again. There will be plenty of unique and intriguing entertainment and dining experiences to indulge in here.

New Zones


Although not brand new, the Al-Murabba zone will return in a different form. Previously a temporary zone, the Al-Murabba zone is now becoming a permanent feature of the season. This square will be abuzz with new dining experiences and unique cafes to visitors to try throughout Riyadh Season.

Boulevard Hall

A brand new destination, Boulevard Hall will be purposely build just for Riyadh Season. The new zone will be set on an area of over 200,000 square meters, which will be able to accommodate more than 40,000 visitors at a time. Boulevard Hall will be erected in just sixty days.

Riyadh Zoo & Al-Suwaidi Park

The Riyadh Zoo has increased its footprint by 25%, and will not only have more animal attractions for visitors to see, but the area will also include the Al-Suwaidi Park. A number of diverse cultural events will take place here, in addition to various wandering musical performers.

Souk Al-Awalain

The lively shopping market will host the largest weekly auction. The Souk Al-Awalain will also be the location of region's largest heritage market.

Wonder Garden

Replacing Winter Wonderland, Wonder Garden will be a new zone to be featured at Riyadh Season 2023. New and updated, the Wonder Garden zone will encompass four amusement park 'gardens'. Covering more than 500,000 square metres, Wonder Garden will be the largest mobile amusement park built and amusement park fans will have more than 85 games and experiences to discover.

Due to the expansive space Wonder Garden will have a new location, north of the city to accommodate visitors and ensure parking facilities are available.

Via Riyadh

Although technically not just a zone for Riyadh Season, the luxurious shopping mall will of course be getting involved in the action, and is said to be hosting some fun experiences and events throughout Riyadh Season 2023.

Check out the full video on what to expect at this year's Riyadh Season below:

From October 28 to February 2024