5 things to look forward to at AlUla Wellness Festival 2023

5 things to look forward to at AlUla Wellness Festival 2023

Discover a world of wellness, art, and nature as AlUla's month-long festival returns for its third edition this month
12 October 23
AlUla Wellness Festival 2023: yayoi kusama

Running from October 19 through to November 4, AlUla Wellness Festival returns for a third edition.

Aiming to focus on relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration with an almost month-long wellness series of events and activities; this year's AlUla Wellness Festival will be a realm of relaxation and and re-energisation.

The event will showcase a diverse group of leading wellness professionals from the industry, all committed to crafting rejuvenating and all-encompassing encounters for attendees. Many showcases and workshops will centre around the therapeutic potential of silence and slow movement, alongside the creation and acknowledgement of art and nature. 

Learn more about what to expect at the 2023 edition of the festival.

Here are five activities and events to look forward to over the coming weeks during the AlUla Wellness Festival 2023:

Brilliance of the Souls (2014) by Yayoi Kusama

An installation of infinite reflections and reflection, and an unmissable experience.

Sometimes known as 'Princess Polka Dots', contemporary artist, Yayoi Kusama is known around the world for her unique, artistic creations and installations that often include... you guessed it, polka dots. The Japanese artist has become famous for this interesting and identifiable take on art, and has even had collaborations with high end luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton. And, Kusama is also noted as being the original creator of the infinity mirror room installation and experience.

Those attending AlUla Wellness Festival will be able to experience the unending and infinite mirrored room, for free.

Dates: From October 19 - November 4
Location: Al Jadidah Arts District, AlUla
Cost: Free

The Silent Hike

Empower yourself with a challenging silent hike.

Embrace moments of self-reflection as explore AlUla's Hidden Valley with a guided silent hike. Labelled with an easy-to-medium difficulty degree, this hike is the perfect detoxification from the digital and social worlds and will indulge your senses in nature and encourage contemplation.

Covering 4km of desert land over approximately 3-4 hours (including transfers), you will discover the diverse and beautiful landscape of AlUla and the Hidden Valley. You'll be encouraged to practice breathing and relaxation techniques to get the most out of your silent hike experience.

Dates: From October 19 - November 4
Location: Hidden Valley, AlUla
Cost: SAR400

The 'Revive Nature' Experience

The perfect event for the entire family.

Embrace the opportunity of this pioneering initiative, where you can contribute to addressing palm frond waste by joining in the construction of a dome made from recycled palm fronds, with every panel featuring personal narratives from participants.

This engaging activity imparts valuable lessons about sustainability, encourages eco-awareness, and nurtures a deeper connection with the environment. The ultimate goal is to breathe new life into this organic material, crafting an elegant communal area for a variety of activities, while the dome's modular design serves as a symbol of unity and balance.

Dates: From October 19 - November 30, Sun-Thu: 4-6 pm, Fri-Sat: 9-11 am; 4-6 pm
Location: Garden Studio, AlUla
Cost: From SAR50

Couples Retreat at Hidden Valley Camp

An ideal getaway to reconnect with your partner and solidify your relationship.

Guided by a dedicated therapist, you and your partner will engage in activities, acquire knowledge, unwind, and contemplate, all while fostering a stronger bond throughout four unforgettable evenings.

Over the course of these 4 days you will enjoy a number of interesting activities and workshops, alongside creating unforgettable moments with your other half such as visiting the UNESCO site of Hegra, the Maraya and hike through the seemingly infinite Hidden Valley. You will also indulge in a romantic dinner between the sheer canyons of the AlUla landscape, and stargazing in Gharameel.

Dates: From October 26 - 30
Location: Hidden Valley, AlUla
Cost: From SAR11,500 per couple

Sherine Abdel Wahab at Maraya

With 12 million Instagram followers, this is set to be a sold out gig. The iconic Sherine Abdel Wahab will perform on Friday October 27 at the Maraya in AlUla. The mirrored performance hub has hosted a number of incredible music stars such as Alicia Keyes and Mariah Carey.

With Egyptian songstress will being her lush vocals to the Maraya for just one night, as part of the AlUla Wellness Festival 2023. Lending her voice to a diverse array of genres including deep ballads, pop songs and folk music, Sherine has wowed Arabic audiences for over two decades.

Date: October 27
Location: The Maraya, AlUla