More world class productions to be filmed in AlUla with new $350 million Hollywood deal

More world class productions to be filmed in AlUla with new $350 million Hollywood deal

Film AlUla and Stampede Ventures sign a transformative partnership to bring world-class film productions to AlUla, further advancing Saudi Arabia's cultural and economic ambitions
25 October 23
Image source: Unsplash

In a groundbreaking partnership that promises to elevate AlUla's film and creative industry, Film AlUla, the Royal Commission for AlUla's film agency, has joined forces with global media company Stampede Ventures.

In May of this year, renowned Irish director Terry George announced that the filming of new Hollywood blockbuster 'Riverman' would take place in various locations across Saudi, including AlUla.

And now more films are planned for the region with the promise of new investment from Hollywood.

Stampede Ventures led by the renowned founder, film producer and creative, Greg Silverman.

The Warner Bros. executive has been at the fore of this historic deal. Signed and sealed at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) in Riyadh, this week, this three film deal will have a substantial impact on furthering AlUla's aspirations to become a global filmmaking hub.

The deal will encompass the development, filming and creation of ten international productions over three years in the AlUla region, in partnership with AlUla Film. Rebates and incentives are included in the agreement, aligning with the goals of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

Greg Silverman, is known for his exceptional track record in the entertainment industry, including blockbuster hits like The Hangover, Inception and The Dark Knight for example. The film executive is set to bring his vast experience to this partnership through his company, Stampede Ventures, and will aim to create new blockbusters for film, television, and digital media, furthering AlUla's journey towards global recognition in the film industry.

This collaboration is in perfect harmony with the Saudi Vision 2030, focusing on diversifying the economy and fostering cultural development. Film AlUla's use of rebates and incentives paves the way for emerging storytellers and filmmakers, contributing to the growth of the local industry and enabling shared stories and learning opportunities. It aligns with Film AlUla's inclusive approach, solidifying its role in building a vibrant film industry in the region.

Since its establishment in 2020, Film AlUla has hosted an array of productions, including movies, TV series, and documentaries, making it a key player in the development of Saudi Arabia's film industry. With phase one of a world-class production facility near completion, the region is set to become a global film production destination. The commitment to nurturing local talent through mentoring programs and skills training positions AlUla as a beacon for creativity and cultural growth in the realm of film.