Ignite Your Cultural Curiosity: Rediscover Diriyah Season this December

Ignite Your Cultural Curiosity: Rediscover Diriyah Season this December

Diriyah Season 2023/2024 will unveil a celebration of culture, heritage and the region's origin story through a host of events, workshops, art installations and more
06 November 23

Riyadh Season 2023 is now in full swing.

With dazzling firework displays, thrilling theme-parks, a whole host of new and upgraded season zones, internationally acclaimed sporting events and of course family-friendly entertainment, this year promises to be something extraordinary.

And, with December is just three weeks away, so is the beginning of Diriyah Season 2023.

The annual themed festival celebrating all things Diriyah will return this December: a celebration of all the cultural legacy of the Diriyah region, there will be hundreds of events, performances, artistic installations, outdoor activities, cultural workshops, discussions and more.

Also known as the City of Earth, Diriyah is one of the Kingdom's most historic and culturally important regions. The original capital city and home of The House of Saud, or the Saudi Royal Family, Diriyah is home to one of the nation's recognised UNESCO Heritage Sites: At-Turaif.

Although full details have not yet been announced about this year's festivities, we're already looking forward to an incredible array of festivities, events and cultural activities. The theme and focus of Diriyah Season 2023-2024 will pivot around 'Al Aljwa', and will commemorate Diriyah's founding narrative and origin story.

According to the SPA (Saudi Press Agency), the 2023-2024 Diriyah Season will last for a period of three months from December 2023 through to February 2024. However exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

Tickets are set to go on sale from December 1.