The capital will host a landmark street art exhibition

The capital will host a landmark street art exhibition

The first art festival of its kind, the Riyadh Street Art Festival will showcase celebrated artists and spotlight aspiring creatives
06 November 23
Riyadh Street Art Festival

Announced by the Ministry of Culture Visual Arts Commission, Riyadh be immersed in a world of street art and will be transformed into an urban playground for visual creatives.

From November 15 through to December 6, the Riyadh Street Art Festival will celebrate the artistic talents of 30 local, regional and international artists in this first of its kind festival.

The objective of the Riyadh Street Art Festival is to "highlight the contemporary art practices... and empower the artistic community, and provide street arts with a platform to showcase their work."

The celebration of street art will follow the success of the annual Noor Riyadh light installation event, and this new festival is set to be curated by London-based artist and writer, Cedar Lewisohn and local Saudi artist and graphic designer, Basmah Felemban.

Visitors will be guided through a bevvy of street art created by talented local and international artist, and may also be interested in several unique leisure activities such as a skate park and even a selection of food trucks, alongside performances by local musicians and regional DJs.

For those interested, there will be several creative and immersive activities for those wishing to try their hand at artistic creations or learn more about street art.

There will also be a selection of intriguing discussions, workshops and lectures taking place throughout the Street Art Festival.

From November 15 to December 6